Daughter of Deaths (The Scythe Wielder’s Secret #3) by Christopher Mannino #mf #review


Two years ago, Susan Sarnio was brought to the World of Deaths. Fighting sexism and bullying, the first female Death helped reinvent the College.

Now, her friends journey deep into the heart of enemy territory, hoping to rescue her. Ancient secrets come to light, and the horrifying truth behind Susan’s arrival in the World of Deaths is at last revealed. War erupts between Dragons and Deaths, and the fate of three worlds hangs in the balance.

The epic conclusion to The Scythe Wielder’s Secret.

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The story begins with Susan and Will being kidnapped by Sindril. Susan wakes up with Sindril by her side, trying to get her to eat and tells her to rest. Then we cut to Frank who is back at school, pretending to be a death with Michi by his side in bug form. Frank is still recovering from his mother’s murder and trying to figure out what happened to Susan and Will. Michi got a message from her bugs that Susan and Will were in danger and Frank sets up a rescue party consisting of: himself, Michi, and Cronk.

Overall, I really liked this book and the series as a whole. This book in particular was my favorite just because I felt connected to the characters in a different way then I have in the past. Maybe because it was most of the characters all grown up now. Michi had become a new favorite of the group for me, and I loved getting to know her relationship with Frank and who she was. There was a bit of confusion of what happened to her toward the end of the book but the author clarified it for me in the end. Also this book as a whole reminded me how much I hate Sindril and how much I could distrust someone.

The story had a style of writing that I liked in some areas of the book, but simply confused in in others. What would happen was during an event the chapter would fade out into the next chapter. Because of this style, sometimes I would understand later on during the aftermath what happened. I would have liked to understand in the moment it was happening. Still, I did like the style in most areas of the book, there was just a few times I didn’t really like it. Also, I liked that she stayed away from most cliches in this book. I can’t talk about them without spoiling them, but most of them were twisted differently and changed completely.

In the end, I really liked the book and thought it was a great ending to this series. Though, I wouldn’t mind if there were some more books made after this. Though, if there are no more books in this series, it is a satisfying ending. I would recommend this to anyone likes realistic paranormal, but I will say there are some mature topics in the book.


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