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The mighty Kalquorian Empire trembles on the verge of extinction. After watching a virus decimate their female population, Kalquor is desperate to find a way to survive.

Marked for execution, Jessica McInness knows joining the enemy is her only hope for survival. When Kalquor’s crown princes arrive to rescue her, she discovers the three alien men aren’t quite what she hoped for in lifelong mates. Arrogant and brutish, the royal clan infuriate her—and awaken passions no other men have.

The Kalquorians are determined to seduce the temperamental woman who inflames their lusts. They relentlessly pursue the hesitant Earther, resorting to forceful means to claim her as their mate. But love comes at a high price when the princes’ choice of a princess incites a rebellion on Kalquor and endangers Jessica’s life.

Reader Advisory: This book contains BDSM situations including bondage, D/s, spankings, and multiple partners.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14rachelle-tag

In many ways, I enjoyed this much more than Alien Embrace. There are no rape themes like the first book, though Jessica does resist the clan, with good reason. You would think that reading this series back to back the titles would be ingrained by now but I did put this down for two week in the very middle. By the time I picked it back up I struggled to remember who was who and attached to what title.


The sci-fi elements weren’t believable, especially how they escaped the planet. There is no way a man in a suit can be launched from the planet’s surface into outer space without a ship. They were supposed to escape the same way they landed—just no. The reverse isn’t possible either. The other thing that bothered me was the humans barricading the planet. The threat the humans were to a people who didn’t even have police would’ve moved the federation of planets it’s allied with to take action. There would’ve been a consequence to the humans because they had people who ask the planet’s leaders for assylm, and officers who violated the planet’s and galactic laws. That part wasn’t well thought out and every mention of it made me grit my teeth.


I will say up front that the first half of this book I was more invested in Michael/Michala’s side romance than in Jessica’s. Michaela is intersex and her clan you definitely can see and feel the bisexual relationship that all of the males are supposed to have. I would’ve read her romance in a New York minute because it’s a more balanced relationship instead of it being all about the woman. But it’s only shown here through Jessica’s perception.


The first half Jessica was annoying at times and her actions predictable. I did feel bad for her at the beginning because she assumed she was going to chosen only to discover she was used. The royal clan is promised to another but until their Matara is clanned, they play around. Doesn’t put them in a good light at all. But if you follow the story, you come to understand why that is. The building of the relationship from there was a series of back and forth of bickering and sex until the males finally made up their minds to have Jessica replace their betrothed, which would have dire consequences. There was some good tension that carried throughout the last half of the book that kept me reading to the very end after I picked it up again.


This is an erotic romance so there are several (I stopped counting after four) sex scenes. Some of them furthered the plot or were part of the relationship building. Later in the book they weren’t needed and would have been bettered served with conversation/caretaking scenes that would’ve achieved the same result and kept me reading instead of skimming the scenes for dialogue.


The fight to keep Jessica, the confrontation with the council, and the trial with their former betrothed kept the book hopping and were well done. The reveal of secrets was heart breaking. All in all, this was an enjoyable read with me giving it a 3.5 stars rounding up to 4.


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