Rush (Carolina Bad Boys #5) by Rie Warren #mf #review @RieWrites


Hot girls, hot cars, and time behind bars . . . I’m the most unsuitable dude for pretty girl-next-door Shiloh Lockhart.

I’m the black sheep of the Rush family, cut off from the bourbon distillery dynasty. Shrug. They didn’t approve of the high-octane rap sheet of arrests marring my pretty boy, prep school upbringing. Hot girls, hot cars, and time behind bars for illegal street racing—what can I say? Speed is in my blood.

Now I’ve cleaned up. I’m being good. I’ve got my own plans, and they for damn sure don’t include Shiloh Lockhart. Shy. The goddamn classic girl next door. She shows up out of the clear blue, turning all the MC dudes into drooling manwhores. But not me. I’ve got too much to lose to risk falling for a perfect girl like her.

When Shy’s overprotective folks tell her I’m bad news, they’re right. But come to find out she’s already endured more than her fair share of shit-gone-bad in her life, and she’s convinced I won’t make it any worse. Shy couldn’t be more wrong.

I haven’t seen Max since he got kicked out of the Rush family home years ago. Now I’m determined to get back in touch with the boy I used to crush on growing up. They call him Handsome at the motorcycle club he belongs to, and I can see why. The long dark brown hair. The smoldering whiskey-colored eyes. The sculpted face and big muscled body.

Too bad he’s intent on treating me like a kid sister. Hmm. We’ll see how long that lasts, because to squash this schoolgirl crush I need to be with Max just once . . . turns out one taste of Rush isn’t enough.

My situation is life threatening, but what he’s hiding is even more dangerous. Too late. Rush is already in my blood.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Kim Talks TomesTAG

Oh, those bad boys of the Carolina Retribution MC. They’re sexy alpha mc males who you can’t help but crush on as a reader. Rush focuses on Handsome – the good looking member who has been in the background, until now. We find out that he knows Shiloh (aka Shy) from his childhood and the two have an intense connection that no one can touch. He left his rich whiskey making family because he wanted to follow his own path and has been a big disappointment to his family. Shy is surprised to see him at the MC house. She has wanted him since she can remember and is intent on making sure he knows it now that they are adults.

Just like any other book by Rie Warren, Rush hooked me from the get-go and had me reading from beginning to end without a pause. Handsome is just as sweet and protective of the women as the rest of the guys in the club and he turns especially protective for Shiloh. I found it sweet, endearing, and so very sexy the way he went all caveman on her to keep her safe. There is nothing sexier than protective bad boy!! I can’t get enough of these guys, their women, and the stories that evolve from their antics. As always, I wanted more as soon as the book ended and can’t wait for Ms. Warren to deliver. Give me those Bad Boys!

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