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Detective Jamison Landry’s job isn’t easy. He’s dealt with the worst criminals imaginable and believes in his work and the community he serves. But he’s never met someone quite like Mal before.

The mysterious man, rescued from a basement in which he was chained by cultists, keeps Jamison guessing. He both confuses and excites him, and Jamison isn’t sure how he feels about that. Plus, things turn from unusual to downright strange when people start insisting Mal isn’t quite human. And Jamison’s creepy dreams of crows and graveyards don’t make things any better for him.

Will Mal stay around long enough for Jamison to figure out his secrets, or will this stranger leave him aching for more?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

If you think you know how a demon acts this story will make you question what you think you know.

Can someone lives off the evil of others ever feel the pure goodness of love?  Mal is one of the many princes in hell, he survives off of the anger and guilt of others.  When he meets Jamison he is amazed by the pure goodness,and innocence that he see’s inside of Jamison even though he is a detective in a neighborhood know for its evil doings.

As Mal trys to figure out what it is he is feeling towards this human, he is fighting his own battle in hell with the higher demons.  His odd behavior has drawn the attention of his lord.  As he fights to protect Jamison from the other demons in hell, he is severely injured.

Jamison is a truly good man, he just wants to make a difference, he has worked his way up to detective in a bad neighborhood.  Now he finds himself dealing with a weird person who some call a demon.  As he fights to understand what is going on his feelings for Mal deepen.

I truly believe that any thing can feel love, and this story is a great example of the fight between one’s inner demons.  The characters work together to overcome some of their emotional baggage.

I really enjoyed this book and want to read the next book in the series.

4 stars

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