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Celebrate the upcoming release of the final book in the beloved Faire Folk series with this collection of the first three books at a fraction of their usual price!addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14A-nony-mouseTAG

I first read a bit of Ribbon’s Faire Folk series with book #4. I enjoyed the paranormal twist in the story of a Renaissance Faire run by magic. When I found the first three were available as a boxed Set, I was thrilled.

In Faire Fugitive, Devin is on the run from his former foster brother who is on the hunt to murder him. He visits the Faire to pickpocket enough money to escape the area and move to the next place before Max catches up and kills him. When he’s shot while running away from Max, he somehow finds his way to the Faire without realizing he’s doing it. And the weird people at the faire don’t seem to care that he was ripping off their guests the week before. Instead, they are set on keeping him safe. (One of my favorite things about the members of the faire is their unwavering faith in people as long as the Faire is for them. Even if their lives before that were shady or dishonest.) And when Max finds him on the Faire grounds, they bind Max’s soul to make sure he can’t hurt Devin. But when it turns out Max never wanted to kill him… the true culprit comes to the forefront.

In Faire Protector Max is the main character. He’s been living in the Glen for nine months under the control of the one who holds his soul in the palm of his hand, but with their return to the Earthen realm, his life is about to change in many ways. The man who’s after him will find him. His soul begins to fracture before they can release it and they begin to wonder, after some major research, if he will die when it’s released. And he has to face all the souls of those he murdered if he ever hopes to survive and live with a man he’s come to love whether he wants to or not. When Jorvik releases his soul, the experience brings about a surprising twist.

In Faire Diviner, we get Rosewood’s story. And I have to admit, this story confused me more than any of them… until I got to the end. Rosewood is the Faire’s psychic. In the other books, I figured he was in his fifties. Turns out he’s in his early thirties. He sees things are coming so they can protect themselves from it. However, his sight seems to be failing. And as if to add insult to injury, the only man he’s ever loved, and who treated him like a freak when he found out Rosewood was psychic, has come to the Faire to take Jorvik’s place and the Faire wants him there. Now the reason the story confused me is I read #4 first and because of what happened before #4, I figured #3 would be war. It wasn’t, though the end satisfied my interest in what happened before #4 Faire Secrets.

I know I haven’t given you much info, but the fact is, the secrets in the Faire Folk series are ones you need to find out yourself. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to read them cover to cover and not stop. The Faire Folk series contains magic, people who don’t fit the norm, flying serpents, furries, a dungeon, freshly made ale, and characters you’ll want to hang out with every day.

I’ve found out that Ribbon doesn’t plan for any more Faire Folk books, for which I’m sad. There are so many stories that could be told. 🙂 Like a certain dom that runs the dungeon? Or his brother Keegan & Vasily? *cough cough hint hint*


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