Ghosts on Tour: Wylie Westerhouse Book 1 by Nathan Roden #mf #review @WNathanRoden


A voice. A medium. A haunted Scottish castle in Missouri?!

Wylie was this close to being “America’s Brand New Voice.” When his manager broke the law and fled the country with Wylie’s girlfriend, his one chance at success spiraled down the drain. Nowadays, managing a music store pays the bills while Wylie plays the clubs in Branson, Missouri. A new friendship, however, could change everything…

Holly can see ghosts. Ever since her family moved into a Scottish castle, she’s been able to communicate with the dead. When a flood kills local tourism and forces Holly and her uncle to sell the castle, she follows the castle’s ghostly inhabitants… all the way to Branson.

After Holly shares her “gift” with Wylie, the magic girl and the musician must team up to save the castle from a group of Branson ghosts out for much more than blood.

Wylie Westerhouse: Ghosts on Tour is the first book in a series of supernatural new adult novels. If you like dark ghost tales with more than a touch of humor and the Sookie Stackhouse books, then you’ll love Nathan Roden’s mysterious and entertaining campfire tale.

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Full of humor and mystery, Ghosts on Tour was not what I expected it to be – in a good way! When I first saw the page count I thought it would take a while to get through the story, but it didn’t. The time flew by because this story is that good!

The main character, Wylie, has a string of bad luck. If it weren’t for the bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all. He lost his girlfriend and his manager when they ran off together, is in deep debt, and works a few different jobs to make ends meet and loses them.  When his friend, Q, invests in a medieval castle and moves it to new ground in the US. The castle also comes with a few tenants. Holly is one of them and has a connection to the ghosts that inhabit the castle.

As a YA novel it lacks the steam that most books I read have, but that’s ok. It more than made up for it with the dialogue, humor, and overall feel of the story! It’s quirky which I really like and that makes this story unique. My only “problem” was the cliffhanger ending!!! But, that’s ok because I have the next one ready to go!


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