Ayahuasca by Jonathan Huls #review


Best friends since childhood, Damien and Paxton are going on a college graduation trip of a lifetime to the jungles of Peru. Their adventures along the way will culminate in a night of consuming the mind-altering drug ayahuasca – the most potent DMT based hallucinogen known to man. Will the experience expand their consciousness and change them into the men society beckons? Or will the young men’s shadowy backgrounds turn the trip so dark that it will consume them and everyone around them?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

Wow, yes I hate to start a review like this but after finishing this book and taking a few days to figure out how I felt, wow was the only word that continues to come to mind.  The author is going to take you on a journey that will create nightmares and horrid after thoughts, and while that might sound like a book to run away from, the way it was presented captures your attention and makes you begin to wonder if you are mentally ill for even caring what happens.

Damien and Paxton were not characters I could ever see myself caring about.  Two college guys, whose parents are never around, giving them total freedom to be the unsupervised jerks every parent hopes their baby girls never encounter.  The views portrayed about women were disgusting and offensive, yet the adventures they found themselves in were creative enough to make me want to finish the book.

The guys are taking their trip to Peru after graduation, where they will experience things that go beyond a normal person’s imagination.  As you go through the book you will meet a girl named Cecita who turns out to be a mystery in her own right.  I know I am not giving you many details about the book but that is simply because I can’t.  The things you are about to encounter, while captures a readers curiosity, are graphic, beyond explanation and would seriously spoil this book for readers.

I would give warning that if you are not a fan of horror, then this is not the book for you.  I love my dark reads but I have to admit, this went beyond my comfort zone and it soon became a struggle to finish, especially since I could never connect to Damien and Paxton.  The reason I continued was to find out about Cecita, who was a woman that I did find I cared about yet never fully understood her.


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