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James, the handsome, cosmopolitan Prince of Wales, is used to being in the public eye. But he’s keeping a king-sized secret…James, next in line for the throne, is gay.

He’s been able to hide his sexual orientation with the help of his best friend and beard, Lady Cassandra. Sometimes he feels like a coward for not coming out, but he daren’t risk losing the crown. If he did, the succession would fall on his deeply troubled younger sister, Princess Amelia. To protect her, James is willing to live a lie.

While on holiday, he meets Benjamin Dahan—a rugged international reporter with a globe-trotting, unattached life—who catches far more than James’s eye. And when Ben is transferred to London, it seems fate may finally be smiling on James.

But what began as a torrid fling grows into something far more intimate and powerful. Soon James will have decide who he is, what he wants from life and love, and what he’s willing to sacrifice for the truth…addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

After reading the first few pages, chapter. What sprung to mind was, Oh no you didn’t. Someone actually wrote a book based on Modern day Royal Family? I guess when I read the blurb all those months ago, I thought it was going to be a alternate universe type. Not so loosely based, on the actual family. And if you’re someone that grew up in England during the time of Charles, Di, and the Brothers, etc. You will get the parody, or maybe I was seeing too much into it?

With all that being said, I did very much enjoy the story (after I got over the shock) The Ben and James story, how they meet, the way open up, knowing it’s wrong but it feels right. The time lapses, so we know that no way these sort of thing could be rushed. The insecurity Ben feels. The anything James will do, for him.

The one thing I never quite latched onto, was Warner. Maybe that dynamic and pull this man clearly has over Ben will be explained more in the next book.


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James, Prince of Wales, is making history. He’s decided to come out to his subjects—and the world. However, telling the truth means exposing his relationship with lone-wolf reporter Benjamin Dahan. Although Ben never wanted commitment, the unexpected depth of his feelings leads him to join James in the media’s harsh spotlight.

When the news story explodes across the globe, Ben can endure the mockery and dirty jokes. But after his tragic past is cruelly revealed, his life begins to implode. Can even his love for James be worth this?

James has it no easier. His revelation divides the country and sparks turmoil within the royal family. He must struggle to defend not only himself and Ben, but also his younger sister, who hovers on the brink of a breakdown that could endanger her life.

Is Ben strong enough to survive the onslaught and stand by James’ side? And will James have to make a choice between Ben and the crown? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Book two and must be read in order.

James has decided it’s time. Cass, his best friend and pretend girlfriend has found the love of her life. And James has found that Ben is the one for him. Problem is he knows once he tells the world, Ben will run. And if he doesn’t, James is strong enough to let him go.

So many emotions in this book, we learn more about all the characters. How Ben is dealing or not dealing with the new lifestyle. He’s had to quit his job, seen his name in tabloid print, yelled at, and not even allowed to run to the corner store. He’s lost all coping mechanism and we can feel and see the tail spin happening.

James, is just waiting for the other shoe to drop, his whole life is, he was waiting to be King but now he just wants Ben. But he knows any day Ben will walk. So we spend most of the book, also waiting for that. And because of that, to me, we had a lot of down time. Getting to know you, for sure. Well written, and entertaining, but fluff.

James and Ben finally figure out to talk to one another, problem is they still leave so much unsaid. So we, as readers are filling in the blanks. Like Warner, although it does sound like Ben finally broke the hold, we never really got a good understanding on how or why we had such a bond. We got pieces, but I’m still confused, and if Ben needs that D/s to help focus as I took it, and if so, no wonder he was out of sorts.

The ending, to me was also rushed, we go from rehab to wedding, I get it wasn’t ‘their’ book. But a little more courtship. I did very much enjoy the epilogue, broken up by months and given to us in snippets.

Again, through out this book, I couldn’t help matching up The Royal Family and Relatives with the ones in the book.  Not sure if the author planned it that way, but the beard at the end showing red….



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