A McLendon Christmas (The McLendon Family Saga #2) by D.L. Roan #mf #mfm #mfmm #review @DLRoan


Grab another box of tissues and join Gabby and her three favorite cowboys at Falcon Ridge for a special Christmas holiday. Meet the newest tiny members of the McLendon family, and laugh out loud at Grey in the delivery room. Catch up with all your favorite characters from DL’s ‘McLendon Family Saga’, and get a sneak peek at all the fun and excitement in store for their future.

HEAT WARNING: Contains three sexy cowboys who are still very much in love with their wife, love making love with her—together—and spare no details when doing so…every chance they get. Grey still has a dirty mouth, but thanks to Gabby’s efforts, tries to keep it clean in front of the children. It doesn’t always happen. Recommended for adult readers only.

Author Note: A McLendon Christmas is not a standalone novel. The Heart of Falcon Ridge should be read first to fully appreciate the McLendons’ Christmas story.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

The second set of twins are here for Gabby, Matt, Mason and Grey and what a whirl wind of action they are dealing with.  Christmas is coming, Daniel and Cane are becoming a topic of conversation and Gabby is an emotional mess.  Gabby’s husbands are at their wits ends trying to figure out why she is laughing and passionate one minute and curled up in a fetal position sobbing the next.

I was so grateful to have another chance to “move in” with this family for a while and soak up their daily struggles and holiday celebration.  Every character in this story carries a piece of the plot instead of just having secondary characters that aid the story along.

I started out reading The Hardest Goodbye first, which happens to be the latest book in this series that is published.  I feel so in love with the flashbacks in there and the characters in this family I had to go start at book one.  Be prepared to laugh, cry and get all tender hearted as you hear what they have overcome and what the future has in store for them.

I LOVE this series so much and as soon as I am done, I plan to start on the rest of this author’s collection because her writing style doesn’t just entertain the reader, it invites us into the story and helps us become part of the family.


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