Werewolf’s Tale & a Druid’s Sword (I.O.N. #2) by Lexi Ander #mm #review @LexiAnder1 @LT3Press


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After he’s kicked out for being gay, still reeling from being abandoned by the man he loves, Jude goes to live with his brother Beck, who thankfully is more than happy to take him in. But Jude has other secrets he’s yet to share, for fear that even Beck will reject him, leaving him well and truly alone.

Then he draws the attention of werewolves, and discovers that everything he thought he knew about Levi, the man who abandoned him, is a lie. But one lie leads to another, ending in a vast conspiracy that threatens to destroy everything Jude loves—and that doesn’t even begin to include the challenges that Beck is facing. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

YIPPEEEEE! Book two, finally!  And so worth the wait.

Okay, one small complaint, and just shows what an amazing writer she is, Jude, in the beginning was pissing me off. All that no I won’t tell yet, no, woe-is-me. LOL. I’m not a fan of young whiny characters and Jude fell smack into that mold, in the start of this book. Until Levi showed up and shit got real!

Once Jude and Levi and the wolves started the journey, WOW. That was a page turning, world turning head spinning amazing piece of writing. I thought we had set up the baseline with the other book, and this one definitely follows that one, Beck and Diego and still around but not as much. This is Jude and Levi’s journey. And with that we’ve find out more about the wolves, what happened. That side of the story, and then deeper still. Past lives and how they can affect us now. And coming into our own when the time is right.

Lexi is probably one of the best authors for world building without fluff building. No extra hyperbole for this author. You need all the information she gives you.

Levi is so perfect for Jude, keeps him grounded, focused and he’s completely dedicated to him. And for Jude, he was so lost with out his other half, like his soul was missing. Now, together they are this one amazing due fighting the bad, saving the cubs and wining my heart.


April's Showering Words

This the second book.
Wow! I can’t say enough about this story.  Starts out a little slow with Jude described as a kinda shy and a push over.  He acts whiny and just not what I would expect for a main character.
That all changes when he meets up with Levi again.  With the change Levi has gone through he is now a tough and  aggressive werewolf.  The changes that Jude undergoes are extreme.  Things take off and everything starts happening page after page.
There is something for everyone in this book, magic, angels, evil, and paranormal critters.  I can’t wait for the next book in this series!  The characters from book one are in this with minor roles.


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