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Between singlehandedly running her bakery and raising her teenaged nephew, Becca Weitz thought she had a decent grip on “normal.” Then her nephew vanishes, and life as she’s known it changes forever. Local legends are true: bear shifters exist . . . and her nephew is part of their clan. As is Carl Carman, the sexy, larger-than-life man who has sworn to find her nephew-and the other young shifters who’ve gone missing.

As the leader of his clan, Carl is surrounded by enemies. He’s learned the hard way that keeping a firm leash on his inner beast is key to survival, though his feelings for Becca test his legendary control. Then danger stalks too close, and Carl realizes he must unleash the raging, primal force within to protect everything he holds dear. But can Becca trust his grizzly side with her life-and her heart?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Kim Talks TomesTAG

The Bear Who Loved Me is a sweet, sexy, steamy, well written, paranormal, bear shifter story featuring a strong alpha male named Carl and the sweet, but strong heroine named Becca. Becca runs a bakery on her own and is raising her nephew (now her adopted son) on her own. They are very close, so when he goes missing she is understandably alarmed and concerned. Carl is the alpha in a bear shifter clan and he had been keeping an eye on Becca’s nephew because he is also a bear shifter (something Becca or her nephew don’t know).

I loved the strong connection between the characters and how passionate they felt for one another. Yes, Carl’s shifter felt strongly because his bear sensed Becca as his mate, but it was still a connection from love, passion, and lust. Becca isn’t a doormat and doesn’t allow Carl to boss her around. I LOVE a strong heroine!

The only issue I had with this story is the lust and sexual encounters between Carl and Becca while her son/nephew was missing/kidnapped. As a mother, nothing would have stopped me from hunting down the culprit who had my child. Not even a sexy bear! Other than that, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more in this series.


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