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Can a dark creature find a home in the light?

Robin appears to be a quiet, attractive young man, but the exterior hides his true vampire nature: ageless, unchanging, and bloodthirsty. His current obsession is Martin, the personable and generous owner of a coffee shop, The Warm Taste.

All Robin’s careful plans to remain unnoticed are ruined, however, when Martin asks him out on a date. Can Robin really have something so good and sweet as an ordinary relationship, after such a long existence of cold loneliness?

And if things fall apart, and Robin goes back to his old ways, will Martin survive it? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

My first by this author, in fact I’ve never heard of her.(and sure there are authors that I’ve not heard of, but not many) Wonder if this is her first book, if so it explains a lot.

Okay, bad first is normally what I do. Mainly the bad, was it was boring. Not just slow build, no build and just boring. I found the dog and the snotty kid the most entertaining. You’ve got Robin, a Vamp, stuck in a body that makes him look 18. Sitting in a coffee shop and stalking the owner. Every few nights he ‘walks’ said owner home drinks his blood and wipes his memory.

Owner of shop, Martin 35, for some reason seems to be a little immune to this mind melt thing and remembers Robin. See’s Robin. This confuses him because his one job is to stay under the radar of humans. Martin finally takes pity or interest on the “young man” and asks him out.

When these two start dating, is when finally the book pace picks up, a little. We start getting information about these two, some seemed important to the development, some seemed filler. However, we did have some cute moments during this time. The way Martin tried to get Robin out of this shell and join the world.

I guess my biggest disappointment was this is peg as a vamp book, but that para part, Robin being a vamp seemed almost like an after thought. And barley touched on.






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