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On a mission, Willow Burgess finds herself in El Paso, Texas, the home of Denver Hayes–respected sales representative with a hidden, violent past. The ex-biker is about to find out he can’t screw with a woman’s life, leave her to his outlaw brother whom she’d been trying to escape, and walk away without a scratch. Now that the brother has been dealt with, it’s time to make Denver pay. Show him he isn’t the only one who can use sex as a weapon. Before the day is through, she’ll have him between her legs, betraying the brother he’d been so loyal to.

She should have known the take-charge hottie who’d seduced her to the dark side of sex wouldn’t go down so easily. When Denver takes Willow home, he turns the tables on her yet again, sending her down another path of sensual discovery without even touching her. As she pulls out all stops to break him, they initiate a battle of sexes that just may prove too hot to handle. Can she survive her own revenge without losing her heart in the process? Or did Denver own it all along?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Double TimeTAGTbird_s ThoughtsTAG

I advise you to read this series in order, the first book being Revenge Best Served Hot.  In that book we saw Willow try to escape her boyfriend Lane, only to seek help from a stranger named Denver.  Little did she know Denver was Lane’s brother and taking her right back to the very man who wanted revenge from her.


Well now Willow has made Lane suffer the consequences of what he forced her to do with Denver and him and she has found her way to El Paso to seek her revenge on Denver. Willow, while trying to have the upper hand tells Denver a story of how she got to his fancy office dressed like a hooker, but he turns the tables on her with his neighbor Murphy.  Her desire to embarrass him, ends up shocking her.

Just who is going to be blindsided in this book?  Will Willow get Denver to turn on his brother or will Denver get her to turn on men forever?  I found the book to be a quick read, very hot and erotic and continued on where book one left off.  This book would be a great afternoon escape, just make sure you are reading it alone because it is hot and steamy.


April's Showering Words

This is the second book in this series.
It picks up where the last one lefts off. I would recommend you read them in order so that you understand exactly why the revenge is being extracted.
What would a person do if they felt they lost there sense of self to a person above the law?  Well Willow decided to turn tables on the man who participated in her loss.
Things are going as planned when everything changes.  Plans go wrong, and it feels like trouble keeps finding her.
When you have bad guys that also have good parts, and good guys with bad sides it gets hard to tell who to side with.  In the end you have to go with who your heart chooses.
I really like this series it is fast paced and interesting.   The characters are entertaining, real and engaging.   You feel like you are there and want to be Willow as she trys to get revenge for what was done to her.  Being naive is not a crime, yet some of the characters in this story want you to think it is.

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