Heart Strings (Sweetwater Canyon #3) by Maggie Jaimeson #mf #review


A Sweetwater Canyon Novel – Sarah’s Story

Faith is easy…living is hard.

Sarah Cosgrave picked up the guitar at age sixteen as a way to escape her life with an alcoholic father who still grieved the mother who disappeared when Sarah was two years old. Sweetwater Canyon gave her a career and the best of friends. Now, called to her dying father’s bedside, Sarah is forced to leave her band–the one thing that saved her.

With her music career on hold and her past threatening to silence her, Sarah must make choices she swore she’d never have to face again. Her faith in her path is true; but can she have faith in Tom Pawlak, the man who once betrayed her, in order to find the peace she desperately needs?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

Heart Strings is part of the Sweetwater Canyon series.  I read book two and fell in love with the characters so much I went and grabbed book one immediately.  Now book three has won my heart even more.

Sarah is a character that I could really relate too.  Her mother died when she was young, her father never got over the grief long enough to dig himself out of the whiskey bottle and be a parent that Sarah needed.  Thank God she had her faith and Tom, until he ran off for the weekend with Amanda and left Sarah totally crushed.

She decided to leave, get out of town and drive Tom and the pain out of her system, which landed her thousands of miles away from Oklahoma and with her new family the girls in the band.  With her strong belief in God and staying pure till marriage, it was a pretty lonely life for her other than the girls and her music but she was happy to be away from the memories and pain.  Then the phone call she had dreaded came, she needed to go back to Oklahoma and deal with her father.


With a ton of prayer and tears she fought to stay strong, to learn to forgive and guard her heart with all she had.  Tom had other plans, he had changed his life, accepted his faults and sought forgiveness in the town and had spent the last two years taking care of Sarah’s drunk dad.  I will leave the rest of the story for you to discover but you can tell by this short description you are going to find real emotions in this book.  The struggle to hang on to the last thing in life you believe in when the world is throwing issues at you that can make a strong woman weak.

The art of forgiveness, to learn to trust again and to take the risk in offering a second chance is not an easy thing to do, but Sarah shows us how her faith and hope helped her carry through.

There is extra drama that occurs in this book that will make you admire Sarah even more.  Not one of the typical fictions that you can guess what she will do when presented a chance to give up, it filled my heart to see the plot take the turn it did.  I am past just recommending this book, I am recommending this whole series.  It is well written and offers inspiration in the midst of a crazy world we live in.


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