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Charles Hunter’s team is on a mission to extract an unidentified ATF agent from an undercover job gone wrong. All they’ve got to go on is the rendezvous location—until Charles recognizes the ex he hasn’t seen in years. Their “simple rescue mission” is about to get a lot more complicated.

For Ángel Medina, adjusting to life after his cartel nightmare is hard enough without confronting memories of a failed relationship. All he wants is a fresh start. But when a violent stalker lashes out from the shadows, Ángel realizes his nightmare is far from over.

As the stalker’s obsession escalates and bodies start dropping, Charles and Ángel are thrown together in a desperate search for the culprit. Tempers flare and old passions reignite, drawing them back into the same turbulent relationship that once ended in disaster.

But the stalker isn’t letting go—and the next strike might hit straight through the heart.
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Can’t Hide from Me by Cordelia Kingsbridge is a contemporary second-chance romantic suspense. FBI agent Charles Hunter is on an assignment to save an unidentified undercover agent when the agent’s mission goes awry. As if an angry cartel weren’t complicated enough, Charles discovers the man they’re saving is none other than his ex-boyfriend, Ángel Medina. At first, the men resist their leftover passion for each other, but are soon forced into rediscovery while they fight for their lives.

Kingsbridge weaves an interesting plot with believable characters who were worth rooting for. There were a few things I wish were different, however. The book had an excessive amount of sex – to the point that it distracted me from the crime story. I also wish Kingsbridge had allowed us to find out who the villain was along with the characters, as opposed to cluing the readers in ahead of time. All that being said, I really enjoyed getting to know Charles and Ángel, and have no doubt they’re in it for the long-haul.

Can’t Hide from Me is well-written, but just did not resonate with my preferences. I have no doubt other readers will disagree.


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