Healing Notes (Sweetwater Canyon #2) by Maggie Jaimeson #mf #review


Forgiving yourself is the first step, but helping others forgive may be just too hard.

Rachel Cullen grew up in Scotland with a fiddle in her hand from the age of four. She couldn’t imagine life as anything but a musician. When her husband brought her to America she was immediately embraced by the Celtic and Bluegrass communities. But after her divorce, Rachel’s life is a mess.

A year of trying to prove to herself that she’s woman enough for any man, and then a vicious rape while on tour with the band, leaves Rachel reeling. When she meets Noel Kershaw, an English teacher who is poetry in motion, she is definitely attracted. But he has a young child and he’s suffering from his own divorce. The last thing Rachel needs in life is more baggage.

First, Rachel must reconcile who she is, what she wants, and how to get there. Maybe then she’ll know how to be a part of the family she’s always wanted. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

I am so impressed with this author and the way they handled such a difficult topic in today’s society.  With a mixture of suspicion, pain, regret and forgiveness, they added the perfect amount of love and romance to remind the reader that there are always second chances at life. This is the second book in the series and I didn’t have the honor to read the first one before I picked this one to do a review for, but I didn’t feel lost at all as Rachel’s story unfolded for me.  I do suggest that you pick up book one first, because if you are like me you are going to want every second of this series to cement the empathy you will feel for all involved in Healing Notes.

Rachel is trying to move on from one of the most devastating moments in her life.  Left for dead, raped and now looking at a future with no love, she tries to deal with the jealousy and anger that consumes her when it comes to her friends and band members.  She uses her anger at a wall to protect the most sensitive part of her heart, but there isn’t a wall strong enough to keep the precious little Claire out.

Claire and her daddy Noel are struggling through their own form of devastation.

Noel’s first wife was a drug addict and is now in jail, leaving him and Claire to build a new life for themselves without her.  Claire is resilient and will be the driving force in getting Rachel and Noel to look pass their pain and open themselves up for a new beginning.

The unique element in this book for me was how the topic of consent was dealt with.  How does a victim of rape recover if society is saying she asked for it?  I love how it was dealt with, the words were powerful, the story was demanding consideration from the reader and I felt that finally the quiet words whispered behind closed doors was brought to light and demanded to be dealt with.  I highly recommend this book, it is a must read and the message is one that should be heard by all of society.

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