Sword of Deaths (The Scythe Wielder’s Secret #2) by Christopher Mannino #mf #review



Susan Sarnio made a choice, and will spend the rest of her life as the only female Death. Last year she was bullied and ostracized. Now, to her complete bewilderment, four Deaths vie for her affection. Yet, something is terribly wrong at the College of Deaths. When a ship carrying scythe metal is attacked, many blame the newly-freed Elementals, but Susan knows the Elementals are innocent.

Shadows from the distant past come to light. Dragons circle the horizon, blood spills, and nothing is what it seems. Susan and her friends struggle to stop a war. They search for the fabled First Scythe, hoping to sway the balance, but who is the true enemy?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14tbird - sarah - tag

This is a continuation of the book School of Death where we follow Suzie, Billy, and Frank on their next year of school. The book starts off with it being Suzie’s birthday and the group deciding to go to an amusement park before school starts up again. At the fair, they see boats burning on the horizon and find out later it was an attack. Once school starts up again Suzie and Billy get a new roommate named Thomas, but normally goes by Tom, who is a first-year death. At the school, Suzie had earned the respect of some students but is still bullied due to being the only female death. One student had even started a club called The AGC: Anti-Girl Club. Also, she finds out about the first scythe, Grym, which is considered the most powerful scythe to be made but is also known largely to be a myth.

   I loved going back to see what would happen to the group after the first book. Everyone seemed to be the same characters and didn’t change personalities drastically. Except for the areas that counted like Suzie being braver. Though during parts of the book I felt Billy was being too much of a romantic but that could just be a personal thing. Tom was also a nice addition to the crew, and it was a bit funny when he didn’t know what was going on since he wasn’t in the first book.

   The overall story seemed to make sense though again there was a few part that I felt could’ve been left out of the overall story or moment I honestly don’t find memorable. But most of the book kept me interested and I didn’t want to stop reading the whole way, though. There was a bit more romance in this book then the last but not so much so it took away from the overall story. In the end, I can’t wait to find out what happens to the group in the next book and recommend this to people who like realistic fiction.


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