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After a relationship turns sour in the worst way possible, Angela Kenzie flees to her childhood home leaving her job and cheating ex behind her.

Content to spend time at home licking her wounds and eating comfort food she unexpectedly runs into her college ex-boyfriend who happens to be the town police chief. Even more shocking is her high school ex-boyfriend is now the coach of the local college basketball team.

Drawn to both powerfully sexy men, Angela doesn’t want to have to make a choice: the cop or the coach. They spark a desire in her that she thought was long gone. They both want her body and soul, is she brave enough to surrender to two men?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Kim Talks TomesTAG

Two men for Angela. One is her high school boyfriend and the other her college love. After being betrayed by her fiancé, Angela goes back to her hometown to heal her heart and start over. She opens her own law practice, lives with her mother, and rekindles her romance with both men. At the same time. Sounds like every woman’s dream? It sure was Angela’s. While it worked between the three of them, I found the story lacking enough conflict to keep me engaged and wanting to read more. The story was well written, but I lacked what I needed to stay interested. Hunter and Jake got along too well and were too eager to please Angela. They fought, but it fell flat and just became boring as the story went on. Both men easily agreed to share her as a ménage. Huh? It was too agreeable to be believable for me. Overall, it was an ok read, but fell flat and didn’t meet my expectations.


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