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Before Christian can end his relationship with a closeted cheater, he needs to see the evidence firsthand. He disguises himself and attends a masquerade ball escorted by a friend, in search of the Stranger in Black. When he finds him, he gets something entirely different—and much more erotic—than he expected.

Wearing a black-and-gold mask, Jarrod is on the hunt for Chris, the “other woman” his best friend’s fiancé is having an affair with. But a sexy vision in a white gown captures his attention and takes his breath away, which is strange, since he’s gay.

One by one, the pieces fall away, exposing their dual deception. After the masks—and the pants—are off, Christian and Jarrod must work together to support a friend… and maybe become something more than strangers.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

When friends have your back, anything can happen.

Christian has been pining after the same man for years, now he is back in this life, something doesn’t feel right.Talking to his friend David, they decide to put his substitutions to rest.

Carl, is confused, he’s had feeling for Christian but refuses to act on them publicly. So he runs, gets himself a fiance. Hoping he can have best of both worlds.

This book has 5 characters, Christian, Carl, David, Jarrod and Mira. They are all tangled in this love drama that must be sorted out, hearts broken, hearts mended before anyone can heal and move on.

And Devon does a beautiful job melding it all together, so we don’t get confused or lost while each character has his or her time.

And even though only one couple gets the HFN, you know the other is right behind.


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