Man of Honor (Battle Scars #3) by Diana Gardin #mf #review @Dianalynngardin


The best rules are the ones worth breaking . . .

After his mother’s funeral, ex-Army Ranger Drake Sullivan wants only to disappear and drown his sorrows in whiskey. Then he sees her: Mea Jones. An untamed, sexy-as-hell whirlwind of energy. A few years ago, she showed him the best-and hottest-night of his life, then walked away without a backward glance. But he’s never stopped wanting more.

When it comes to guys, Mea has rules. One night. No dating. Whatever it takes to have control and keep it. With Drake, it’s all heat and hurt and hunger, and pretty much the opposite of control. And that makes him dangerous as hell. Mea has her own demons, and falling in love-or even in lust-is strictly a no-go proposition. But she soon finds out Drake is incredibly single-minded when it comes to getting what he wants. And he’s determined to be the exception to all her rules.

Reader advisory: The heroine’s past deals with dark elements some readers may find disturbing. Recommended for mature audiences only.
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Every once in a while I read a synopsis and have to immediately know what secrets the described characters are carrying with them.  That is how I felt when I picked up Man of Honor.  You can read the blurb and get a clear idea of what you are about to engage in so I will spare you more details of the story and focus on what impressed me with this book.  Drake and Mea are two people who will make you feel like they are newly discovered friends, the kind of characters you can relate to, feel empathy for and more importantly the reader will understand them.

An author has to approach such sensitive topics with grace and respect, to give enough to make the reader stand by the characters side, yet not so much the plot becomes insulting or the reader feel such experiences are being exploited to sell a book.  I am amazed and inspired at the perfect balance this author presented when it comes to Mea’s life.

Drake wasn’t without scars from his childhood and my heart filled with love when we found out what his home town did for him as a kid, where he went once he was free to leave his mother and that moment he had to return.  It made me smile while tore at my heart.  Now he is out of the military, owns his own business and has a great group of friends.  He appears to have it all in life, but few know how his heart wants Mea and his mind wants to forget his past. He had one night with Mea a while back and still wants more.

Mea is not going to allow any man to stay around after one night, she has learned the hard way to only depend on herself in life. She appears so independent and strong, but what is behind the mask broke my heart.  Drake and his memory won’t stop haunting her, she has a desire for him that only fuels her passion more and more each day.  She can’t let anyone in, she is hiding too much.  This was where I felt the author really did fantastic job in describing Mea’s pain for anyone to understand without making a grandiose example of the event.

This was a beautiful story to read and my heart was on the line from the first chapter.  The writing style was smooth and felt so natural, it was like being in each scene with them.  I feel the author let this story be carried by the emotions and characters which made me fall in love with it even more.  I would highly recommend this book.


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