Gyrfalcon (Taking Shield #1) by Anna Butler #mm #review @annabutlerfic


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Earth’s last known colony, Albion, is fighting an alien enemy. In the first of the Taking Shield series, Shield Captain Bennet is dropped behind the lines to steal priceless intelligence. A dangerous job, and Bennet doesn’t need the distractions of changing relationships with his long-term partner, Joss, or with his father—or with Flynn, the new lover who will turn his world upside-down. He expects to risk his life. He expects the data will alter the course of the war. What he doesn’t expect is that it will change his life or that Flynn will be impossible to

First let me state this is NOT a romance. There are some romantic elements and Bennet is definitely involved in a triangle, but this is not a romance. So if you read it expecting one, you will be disappointed.

Now, having said that, let me state that this book is AWESOME! I love Sci-Fi, but so much Sci-Fi is fluff nowadays. Not Gyrfalcon. Tremendous world building without dumping the information on you. However, don’t expect the book to go by quickly. Like I said, there is a LOT of world building. The book starts on an explosive scene where Bennet and his team have come to a planet to scope it out for a mission only the planet isn’t as dead as they expected. One team member down, they leave. Next we see Bennet with his lover, Joss, who is not happy with him.

Now, some may dislike Joss, but I feel kind of bad for him. He’s in a relationship with Bennet, who is in the military, hopping from dangerous assignment to dangerous assignment, and he wants him out. However, much of their relationship seems stemmed in fights and makeup sex. One can’t blame Bennet for being glad whenever he has to go on a new assignment.

The two have an open relationship, supposedly leaving both of them open to sexual encounters with others while away. Unfortunately Bennet’s encounter with Flynn may upset that apple cart.

As I said, this is not a romance, mainly noted by the fact there is no HEA or HFN for either couple. However, as a sci-fi story, it’s top notch. I love the world Butler introduces us to in Gyrfalcon and look forward to seeing how things turn out on Bennet’s next mission. With the Maess after the human race, it’s sure to keep me on the edge of my seat. Plus, yes, I’m nosy enough to wonder what’s going to happen with Joss, Bennet, and Flynn.

5 stars all the way around. Brava!


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