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Willow’s attempt to escape her toxic relationship with Lane ends the moment her car is stolen–with all her worldly belongings inside it. In a desperate attempt to get her stuff back, she accepts help from a handsome motorist, Denver, who offers to take her back to Vegas. On the way, Willow discovers Denver has a knack for sexual persuasion and finds herself bending to his will, his command, and his passion for umconventional sex. But her first round of uninhibited play turns into her worst nightmare when it’s revealed that Denver is actually a member of Lane’s dangerous outlaw brotherhood.

When Willow is returned to Lane, he gives her a choice: take her punishment or be sold into a world of sex, drugs, and slavery. Vowing to walk away in the end, Willow accepts her punishment in the form of a threesome and discovers that the dark side of sex has its perks, making it difficult to deny them when they ask her to stay. But can sex forever mask the dangers she is bound to face when Lane and his brotherhood continue their outlaw ways? Or will she be pulled into that world of slavery after all? goodreads Double TimeTAG Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

You are about to read a very hot and steamy quick story.  If the author hadn’t shown me their talent to add great substance to the plot early, I believe the final scenes would have turned me off, but by going quickly into the story and keeping it fast paced, I think it was a winner.

Willow was heading back to her ex-boyfriend to exchange what she took from him, with what he had kept from her.  She had borrowed a car so she could finalize her freedom from Lane and his gang of perverts.  She thought she wanted normal, not all the kink that came along with Lane and his desires.

Denver found her and offered to help her with the last part of her journey.  He seemed like a nice guy, although his looks would have scared a weaker woman. She was amazed at how much Denver could tell about her life as a stranger, but it made her feel comfortable to engage in some kink of his own.

Once the truth came out of who Denver really was and his connection to Lane, Willow was left to decide if she was willing to do what it would take to gain her freedom.  Or would she realized what she had been missing and stay with Lane and kinky sex?

4 stars

April's Showering Words

This is a book for all those women out there who want to get back at know it all men!

A person can only be controlled for so long before they either give up or rebel.   Yet when rebelling and running away go hand in hand things can get dangerous.   Willow is learning that she may not get away intact.

Between the two brothers she is in danger of loosing herself to there sexual mastery.  A time shared between them and she can leave.  Both men are alpha males, dominant and forceful,  the scene is dripping hot.

Our female lead in this story is great, she is learning how to stand up for herself.  As she expands her sexual knowledge she doubts her choices, yet in the end it’s up to her intuition and well-being that she makes the decisions that she makes.

I loved this story!  It was fast moving, engaging and had a sense of danger.  The ending made me want to stand up and cheer!  The perfect end for this story.

4 stars

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