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It’s Christmas, and all antique dealer Sebastian Snow wants is for his business to make money and to save his floundering relationship with closeted CSU detective, Neil Millett. When Snow’s Antique Emporium is broken into and a heart is found under the floorboards, Sebastian can’t let the mystery rest.
He soon finds himself caught up in murder investigations that echo the macabre stories of Edgar Allan Poe. To make matters worse, Sebastian’s sleuthing is causing his relationship with Neil to crumble, while at the same time he’s falling hard for the lead detective on the case, Calvin Winter. Sebastian and Calvin must work together to unravel the mystery behind the killings, despite the mounting danger and sexual tension, before Sebastian becomes the next victim.
In the end, Sebastian only wants to get out of this mess alive, and live happily ever after with Calvin.
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When the book I’m reading and I’m only half way through has me wondering if the next one in the series is out yet, you know it’s a 5 STAR read.

I’ve read this ladies work before, and it’s always been enjoyable. But something about these two that for me at least pushed it up that extra notch.

Snow, in real life and the books he reads, shows us he loves a good mystery. In part because of his profession, an antique dealer, partly because of his relationships with fine Policemen of NYC.  The problem with the latter, the men he’s picked have not been ‘out’. And this has put a strain on the overall relationship. The final straw that broke this one was the meddling Snow kept doing when strange things that were happening in and around his place of home and work.

Winter,  a highly decorated war veteran and now a detective w/the NYC has landed the case that Snow seems to be in the middle of. What both of them soon realize that it’s more than professional feelings at work.

I just want to say, I loved the sly play on names through out the book.

Snow and Winter, something about these two just click. Not just on a sexual level, because even though we have that in this book. If you’ve read any of this authors book, it’s not a huge focus, which is fine by me. But the simple basic, they listen, they care, the laying of a head on a chest. “I’m going to hug you every time you call me baby” It’s those simple lines that make me connect, really connect with these two. The fact that Snow is resigned to start dating another closeted cop, but can’t help it. He know that this time, Winter is special, that it’s worth it.

As the case unfolds we are right there w/them. With the clues, trying to sort everything out. And the twist at the end, so perfect. We get a wonderful HFN.

Now, off to see if I can find book two!


Liz Cat

The Mystery of Nevermore by C.S. Poe is a unique, well-crafted murder mystery/romance novel. After yet another fight with his closeted boyfriend, Neil, Sebastian Snow comes into work to discover that someone buried a heart underneath the floorboard of his antique shop, which is just the precursor to a series of murders. His situation is not much improved by the appearance of two homicide cops, one of which is the notoriously hardass Calvin Winter. It doesn’t take long for Neil and Seb split and Seb turns his attentions toward Cal. Edgar Allen Poe’s work is woven into every aspect of the plot, creating a dark, compelling story.

I have to say, I loved this book! The Mystery of Nevermore had sharp writing, deep characters, and a perfect pace. The interplay between Seb’s stubbornness and Calvin’s bossiness is captivating from the start – even if their names did give their eventual relationship away. No matter how many times everyone around him told Seb to stay out of the murder case, his curiosity got the best of him. But his intelligence coupled with Calvin’s bravery may be what’s needed to solve the mystery.

I would recommend this book for anyone who loves getting carried away in a story with characters they won’t soon forget. Five stars.


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