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Carl Herbold is a cold-blooded psychopath who has just escaped the penitentiary where he was serving a life sentence. Bent on revenge, he’s going back to where he began–Blewer County, Texas…
Born deaf, lately widowed, Anna Corbett fights to keep the ranch that is her son’s birthright, unaware that she is at the center of Herbold’s horrific scheme–and that her world of self-imposed isolation is about to explode…
Drifter Jack Sawyer arrives at Anna’s ranch asking for work, hoping to protect the innocent woman and her son from Herbold’s rage. But Sawyer can’t outrun the secrets that stalk him–or the day of reckoning awaiting them all…

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This is a difficult review to write for me. I enjoy a romance when the guy responds to a child in such a manner I melt on the sport and I really enjoy a dark suspenseful read that has me gasping at time. If I could rate this book based on dark suspense only or romance only it would have gained more stars from me.  My problem was I never really felt a connection between the two themes in this story.  With the romance you had Jack and Anna, along with her son David.  I adored the way Jack related to the little boy whose father died and the willingness of learning sign language so he could communicate with Anna and gain her trust.  I loved that Anna was so protective of David and wanted to keep the ranch in the family so he could have a piece of his heritage once he was grown. Watching the three of them begin to toy with the idea of forming a family was fabulous, but then you have Carl and Myron.

The horrific and graphic crimes by Carl and Myron as they make their way back home overshadowed any second of romance for me between Jack and Anna. It soon became a situation of my heart melting one minute and my need to walk away from the book for a breather the next. Scenes such as the ones in this book are usually found in a dark read, where if there was any romance it would have a sick and twisted nature, and that was truly not the kind of relationship I felt Anna and Jack had.  Because of this, I felt like I was reading two different stories with the same characters and could never fully invest in either side.

The synopsis does a good job at setting up the plot for you, but as usual it doesn’t give you just how this all falls into place. I think the author did a great job at developing each character early so we could tell the good guys from the bad, which in a way was appreciated, but I would have enjoyed not having the good versus bad described so clearly.  I could have invested more in the story if I had been kept in the dark a bit more and let me decide for myself who I was going to care about.  One aspect I did like was everyone seemed to have a connection to Carl, so as their individual stories played out, there was always a common meeting place for the reader to predict where things were going.

The first half of the book wasn’t what I would consider slow as we were introduced to the characters and the plot began to build.  I was fond of Ezzy and Cora and his desire to close the case that haunted him even after his forced retirement. There were some conversations among Anna, David and Jack that left me feeling a bit uncomfortable. I’ll leave it at that because you will soon figure out where those places are.

I would recommend this book but with a caution that it has a feel of the author trying to make a transition from romance to dark suspense or vice versa.  I am not saying that is what is happening, it is just the best description I can give.  The writing style is brilliant and very smooth making it easy to get lost in and the characters are developed to the point you almost feel like you know them personally.  There is just that haunting feeling of transition, things are changing and we were stuck in the middle of the unknown for a while.


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