Third Mate (River Wolf Pack #3) by Rebecca James #mm #review @rjamesromance1


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Pack tensions increase, and River and Josiah fear for the safety of their twin girls. When Stone begins campaigning to take River down, Leo must choose sides. Another pack desires to make a trade for omegas. The coyote-shifter Foster yearns for his true mate, while human Jax knows he has to make a decision before the pack turns him out. David determines to keep Brooks from making a bad decision.

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I have really enjoyed this series.

In this addition we find that everything is coming to ahead.  The pack is in danger from inside itself and outside forces. When an alpha takes over a pack, that pack becomes family.  When the choice comes down to saving family you will do just about anything.

When I was reading this story I fell in love with Josiah, being the alpha mate he had the job of trying to keep the pups happy, listen to all the other omega’s and keeping his alpha on an even keel if possible.   With all the other stresses going on Josiah had the fun of dealing with the prejudice from other pack members towards him and his cubs.

A great book with a strong finish.  The characters are well written and mature through the story.  It is left so that it could end here or there can be more books to come.

4 stars

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Just like the other books, this is a series and needs to be read in order.

I was torn with this one.

Normally when writing my reviews I try to give nothing away in said review, but the end of this book, although I see the overall logic. One man/wolf can’t take on a whole pack. It wasn’t a whole pack. And that man had people to back him up. So I didn’t agree with turn tale and running, as it were.

Through out this book, we have beginning and endings, starts of relationships, seeing the ending of others. Start and ending of friendships.  New leaderships and old ones removed. The one thing that is consent with all these books is the strong writing throughout. Rebecca James is a wonderful wordsmith.

These characters all mesh well with each other, you can feel the tension coming from the pages as more and more pack members come to realize that the girls may not be wolf after all. The feelings of desperation from Stone’s mate as he begs to be released.   The sadness and love from David and Jax.

The animosity the humans still feel towards the ‘were’ people. plays a big role in this, we feel like it’s coming to a head, all of it. But then the book ends. So many unanswered questions, and a wolf pack left without a home. You better believe I’ll be looking for a book 4



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