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After his parents kicked him out for being gay, Marc Villegas lived on the streets before getting a second chance. Now he’s giving back by working at a shelter for LGBT teenagers—because helping fight their demons keeps his own at bay. Including his infatuation with the former best friend he’s sure is straight.

Anthony Romano hasn’t seen Marc since Marc left home eight years ago. In his confidant’s absence, Anthony turned to heroin. Now at rock bottom, he has an offer from Marc to help him get clean. Detox is hard and ugly, but not as hard as admitting the truth: he’s in love with Marc. Always has been.

Marc swore he’d never date an addict, but he never dreamed the one in question would be the man he’s always wanted to be with. As the two explore their feelings for each other, Marc faces a difficult choice. Say yes, and it could cost him his sobriety; say no, and it could cost him his heart.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

This book may just brake your heart, I know it did mine.

When kids are little parents tell them I love you always,  and they believe it.  In a perfect world it’s true too.  Yet every year teenagers are kicked out of their homes for any nuber of reasons and end up on the streets.  With no one to protect, feed, and house them they either steal or worse to survive and drugs help them cope with what they due what is done to them.

When Mark finds his boyhood friend  strung out he follows his heart.  Anthony (Tone) finds his reason to stay clean in the renewal of their freindship.

The ups and downs these friends go through as they each fight the demons in their pasts is heartbreaking,  yet it also provides a look into what it’s  like when someone gets so low and has to fight just to get up every day and not reach for a drug to make it through.

The dedication that comes from standing with someone who battles addiction is awe inspiring.   This story had my emotions stirred up from the beginning and kept them that way till the end.  This is a thought provoking story that should be read by anyone who wants to really feel.   This is not light reading.

4 stars

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