Second Alpha (River Wolf Pack #2) by Rebecca James #mm #review @rjamesromance1


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Sequel to First Omega

As second in command of the River Wolf Pack, David takes his duty as ambassador to the Human/Werewolf Congress very seriously. With the threat of war, it’s more important than ever to strengthen human/werewolf relations.

But the meeting at the werewolf compound doesn’t go very well. The humans find the homosexual, polygamous nature of the werewolves, along with the fact that the men can bear children, off-putting.

On top of this, although David’s human lover Jax says he loves David, he is not willing to take the bite and become a werewolf himself. David doesn’t see how they can have a relationship, and even wonders if he would be better off mating with Brooks, an attractive beta in the pack. When David and Brooks are kidnapped by the vice president of the Congress, David has to think quickly to save his pack, even if it means throwing his own life away.

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Second one in the series, and you really have to to read in order.

So we left the last one with a HFN, couple ppl pregnant, David had just met a human, Jax, that has turned his world upside down. And things still unresolved with the wolf/human congress.

We’ve got a couple of different stories going on. David and Jax have developed a good rhythm. Or at least we all believe they have. David is more and more in love with him, Jax is getting more and more in tune with the werewolf way of life, but neither of them have talked about taking the next step, taking the bite.

Then a human, Trace came to the camp, met and fell in love w/ Xavier. And everything went sideways.

What a great twist, this Trace/Jax/Xavier/David story line. Really put the Congress and werewolf as well as peoples feelings in the forefront. made everyone think, feel, and show. Maybe more than they wanted to.

Lots of emotions, lots of story, lots going on but it all melds together perfectly. Super happy I’ve book three already loaded.


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