Sinfonia: First Notes on the Lute: A Vampire Chronicle: Book One by David W. Landrum #mf #review


Nelleke Reitsma is one of the world’s top lutenists and guitar players. She is very good because she has had 350 years to practice.

Sinfonia: First Notes on the Lute records her life, beginning with her entrance into the world of the undying through friendship with Izaak, a mysterious young man who only comes out at night; and, eventually, her crossing over into that world. Leaving her native Netherlands for England, she finds herself embroiled in a fight to save the vampire community of London from destruction. She encounters Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, and, using her connections to government and the theater, uncovers the last followers of an ancient religion that possesses power capable of destroying Nelleke and the coven of vampires to which she belongs. It is up to her to stop them.

A fascinating and compelling piece of paranormal fiction, it abounds in danger, romance, horror, love, and beauty. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

This is a story that is filled with an abundance of historical settings throughout its pages.  You will hop through time and events that will change your opinion on the life of vampires as a whole, and a select few in detail.

I can honestly say that I have never given much thought on how an immortal would feel as they age over hundreds of years.   This story follows mainly Nelleke throughout her journey, with some of her friends.

This was sometimes very hard to read, as it was brutally honest for the time period.  That however made it a more realistic story, for a paranormal book.  Not what I would recommend for a pick me up, but definitely a good for when you want a good deep emotional story!

4 stars

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