The Butcher, The Baker, The Custom Bike Maker: The Baker (The Myer Triplets #2) by Mathew Ortiz #mm #review


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Recipe for Romance
1 cup crazy Myer triplet aka Boone Myer
1 cup snobby guppie aka Robbie Gaither
2 tbsp. nutty family and friends
1 tbsp. epic beard (no substitutions)
1 tbsp. sexual compatibility
1 tsp. misunderstandings
Preheat sexual tension to 375 Degrees. In a large American City aka Atlanta, Georgia, combine the odd ball Myer triplet, Boone, with equal parts stuffy, snobby uptight Robbie Gaither. When mostly together, add family and friends, who mean well but… bless their hearts, they try. Toss in Boone’s gorgeous beard and do not forget the intense, sometimes ridiculous attraction these two bone heads have for each other and lastly throw in two lives that seem to only get in the way of these two making each other happy. Mix until a complete chaotic mess and pour into a well lubed… check that, pour in well-greased pan and bake until very, very firm. Bake for one hour. Serve hot and eat with your fingers. Very messy, very funny and very tasty!
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This is only the second book I’ve read by this author, both are great fun, sassy, cute and touching.

Boone, is a baker, madly in love with life, his family and completely opposite of what anyone would think of when you picture a gay baker. As they say, they broke the mold when they made him, well him and and brothers.

Robbie on the other hand, is exactly what you picture when you read about this character. Full of himself, surrounded by self righteous friends and only wants the best of the best. Not terribly likable.

So when these two meet, of course, the attraction, the chemistry is off the charts. Boone can’t help but flirt, and tease Robbie and Robbie can’t help but want to tame that. It’s an amazing tug of war to watch. The secondary cast that they surround themselves with is also a hoot to watch. A little over the top, a little unrealistic, but completely fun. The other two brothers, the fathers, the mothers, the staff.

The brides and the cake! I want pictures of that CAKE!

My one complaint, is the way that Robbie and Robbie friends keep treating Boone, the comments, even at the end and yet Boone, with little recourse allows it, takes him back. I kept finding myself saying, stop settling on this jerk! Boone clearly has a low self esteem issue, and Robbie has a god complex, both issues needs addressing.  Maybe in the next book? I also have a love/hate with the ending, we get a HFN and a cliffy. Really?, Really!  I would have given a 4.5 but we aren’t allowed .5 so It’s a 4.



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