Reclaiming (Immortal Ink #1) by Sean Michael #mm #review @seanmichael09 @PridePublishing


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Beau thought Aaron was dead to him… Imagine his surprise when his former lover slinks into his tattoo shop.

Six months ago vampire Beaudelaire Delacourte had it all. As a tattoo artist, he used his special ink and spells to permanently tattoo other immortals and spent countless hours feeding and indulging in BDSM with his human lover, Aaron. Then he asked to turn Aaron so his lover could join him permanently, but Aaron refused, not willing to give up his humanity. Since then, Beau has kept his head down and stayed in his shop, only interacting with the clients who come for his special brand of ink.

When Aaron shows up on his doorstep, half-dead and apologizing, Beau is shocked to learn that his boy was turned at the vampire club they used to frequent by Stephen, another vampire. Not only was Aaron turned, but his chest was torn open, his fangs were broken and he was left in an alley to die. Spurred by the need to see Beau one last time, Aaron has been hiding in an abandoned building until he found the strength to make it to Beau’s shop.

Beau takes in his boy again, promising that Aaron will earn his place back in Beau’s bed, and vowing that he will take revenge on Stephen. Unbeknownst to Beau, Aaron is only the first in a long line of humans who Stephen has created then turned out to fend for themselves. As Beau discovers this is only one of the old rules that Stephen has broken, he and Aaron are drawn into a web of intrigue that can only end in someone’s death.

Reader Advisory: This books contains severe biting and bloodplay during sex between vampires. There is also a scene of fisting and some scenes of violence.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

The myth that all emotion dies when a person dies is put to the test in this story.

The thing that stands out to me throughout is just how much emotion and the complex range of said emotions is built into these characters.   In all of the old vampire movies and tails you have the purfectly cold vampire who uses people as puppets.

Our main characters in this story are almost human in that they react with overwhelming anger, or pain.  Love is another driving force, but don’t be mistaken they are definitely vampires.   They are possessive, and sadistic in there blood play.  Physical pain is still a major kink with them.  However most don’t go out of there way to hurt just because they can.

BDSM plays a large part in this story, which makes sense, to find willing donners that would be the first place to look.  They are highly sexual and some are into pain.  A vampire’s dream date.

I enjoyed the way this story took old myths and blended them with newer ideas.  It was a darkly sensual and sexual read.  Their is violent scenes and a lot of blood play.  This is not the book for everyone.  If you have no issues with those things I think you will enjoy this book.  I am looking forward to the next one!


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