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Captured by slave traders, Mia Townes fears for her freedom, her life, and worse. Drugged by her captors, her body is not her own. When she’s rescued by Jaden Zoma, the rugged space trader becomes her only hope of sexual relief for light years in any direction. Then he goes into heat.

With the sexual time bomb on a short clock sabotaging Mia’s self-control and Jaden’s need to mate, can these virtual strangers from a different species trust each other enough to meet the erotic demands of survival?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

For a quick read, this story changes things around.

Mia is a simple fe,ale who loves her life.  She is loved by her family and about to start teaching children.  Life is happy.  Until she is drugged and kidnapped.   When she is about to give up hope, a stranger saves her.  Together they overcome unexpected obstacles.

Jaden our hero is fearless, and truly alpha male,  does what he thinks is right not for fame or reward.  He does it because no one should be taken away for there lives and sold into slavery.   However this time, something about this female stirs him up and they find them selves in a dangerous situation.

This story is fast paced and interesting.   I actually really liked Jaden best,  he seemed to have this overwhelmingly drive to succeed in everything he sets out to do.  A man of his word, with untold honor to back it up.

Mia while a good character did not seem as well developed.  What their was of her was ok she just did not seem to grab my attention as much.

Overall a good afternoon read.

.3 star

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