The Boys of Banana Court: Book Three: Isaac & Mohammed by Alex Carreras #mm #review @AlexCWrites


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Isaac Bronstein likes his life the way it is. He loves his town, has his two best friends, and is doing great in school. Except for his difficult relationship with his parents, life is uncomplicated…but Mohammed Connelly is about to change that.

Mohammed Connelly is straight. He’s been straight all his life. So what if he has sex with men? That doesn’t mean he’s gay, does it? And who needs to know who he’s sleeping with, anyway? Certainly not his girlfriend. But when he starts to fall in love with Isaac, he asks himself, if he’s man enough to be gay?

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So all three books should probably be read in order. All characters appear in all three, so it would be less confusing.

What stood out for me in this one was, first, Isaac still lives and home. And the ending.

So Isaac is friends with everyone from the previous book, but unlike the others, is still living at home and that’s not working out so well for him. Lots of pressure from the parents to do better, be better. And that means going to a college out of State. Preferably, a northern school. Isaac himself, is content with his life right now, going to community college, working at the mall. Until he runs into a classmate, Mohammed at a newly opened bar.

They have the one-night stand, that turns weird when Isaac finds a picture of Mohammeds girlfriend.

As Isaac and Mohammed find a balance between an affair and Mohammed not telling the GF, Mohammed is getting pressure from his family to marry this girl.

So this story was well written, but I wasn’t completely in love with these people, I get Mohammed situation, and although his parents were okay in the end, things could have been ugly fast. Isaac, can’t get a handle on? Why such low self esteem? Even the end when he moved away, he never cut ties. True love or masochist.


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This is the third book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone with out any real problem.   The other couples are referred to, yet to me it’s more about the bond of three friends then references to the other stories.

This story seemed more about dealing with the main characters individual issues then a romance between two people.   Isaac is trying to come to terms with overbearing and over achieving perents.

Mohammed is trying to figure out who he is, a bisexual male or a homosexual one. Can he live with the consequences of letting his choices be known.

When tragedy or truth strikes it comes down to dealing with the aftermath.

I felt for both of these guys. I liked the story, there was hot chemistry between them.  However I’m not sure you what this book would be classified  as.  I really liked the ending, and thought it was appropriate.

4 stars

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