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One year ago Trent’s life was on track. Then his horse went lame, his relationship soon followed, and his replacement horse, Dove, proved to be mean as a snake. Unable to sell a mean horse, and unwilling to send him to the knackers, Trent’s last chance is take Dove to a rehab center.

Richard has just moved to his grandfather’s ranch, after trying four other places and succeeding at none of them because he might be good at rehabilitating horses, but nobody wants him doing it unless he plays straight, and he’s damned tired of hiding he’s gay.

When Richard sees the pride sticker on Trent’s truck, it almost seems too good to be true—especially when Trent returns his interest. And in the aftermath of their encounter, it seems he was right… addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

When I started reading this story the first thing I did was nod my head, agreeing with the way Trent was feeling.  It was like knew this character like we were long lost friends.   As things went on, Richard came in and it was like every younger classmates you ever had in school who was trying to prove just how mature they were.

I was surprised at the ease that I slipped into this story.  It felt like two friends getting together. Working through their emotional baggage they learn from each others experiences.

A fun story that you will enjoy reading!

4 stars

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