Breathe by Layden Robinson #mf #review @LaydenRobinson

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Breathe is a collection of very short stories which makes it a fast read.  It is clear that the author has a brilliant talent in taking a sophisticated approach with words, and twisting them into a story of darkness and erotica.  While I admire the ability to do this, I found the poetic feel, didn’t fit with the theme of the stories for me.

Please note I am taking nothing away from the author’s ability, I would even love to dive into a full length novel of theirs because I am sure I would be astounded at how they weaved their words into a mental image I would not soon forget, but I didn’t enjoy this style because with each one I was left with questions and wishing they had expanded more.

I enjoyed A Man Above the most out of the collection as it did leave me with thought of wonder once I was done.  The quote of the book for me was in this story, “…the findings of a simple, innocent man who is now trapped within a dimension of devious terror and dismay.” I had just wished that we could have had more of this one.  If you are looking for a quick dark read, with a classical sense of style then you have a gold mine in this book.


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