Detached (The Fleischer Series #1) by Wendi Starusnak #mf #review @WendiStarusnak


I’m Emily Ruth Fleischer and this book written by me is the only one of its kind. I can never let anyone know the horrible things that my father did or the secrets that my family had kept hidden for years. If anyone ever found out then that would mean they would also know what I did. I’m not even sure if I have fully come to terms with all of that yet myself. But I had to get it all out of my head and write it somewhere. So here it is: the worst of what happened in my life (hopefully) and the terrible secrets that I found out in the year 1976.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

I absolutely love dark and evil books and I live for the one that will warp my mind and make me understand the bad person’s motives, but this one went even farther.  I think every boundary I have as to what I will read was pushed with Detached.  This one has to be the darkest and most evil story that I have encountered in all of my years of reading.

So many times I wanted to stop reading because it crossed the line, yet I kept reading because I was already invested in Emily and couldn’t just leave her.  I will admit there was a scene that I just had to skip because it went way too far for me and I couldn’t read it, yet I still kept reading the book because I needed to see if Julie would finally take care of the problem. So this is why I gave it four stars, it went too far, yet it sucked me in too early and I didn’t realize I was drowning till it was too late.  That is what makes an author brilliant, convincing a reader to keep reading when everything in their soul is screaming for them to stop.

What goes on in this farm house surpasses your worst nightmare and is stuff only horror shows are made of.  Abuse was not limited to just Emily, no her brothers, sister, mother and even strangers were all tormented by the man she called Dad.  Just when I thought he had reached his level of evilness, he would raise the bar.  Julie was Emily’s doll and her only friend.  As a little girl she would find strength through Julie in hopes that one day she would be able to help her siblings and her escape that house of horrors.

I really can’t go into the story because it is just something you have to decide for yourself if you want to immerse yourself in, but it proves that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.  The ending frustrated me because I felt like I had been on the roller coaster from hell along with the family and bam it was over………but then I looked and there are two more books in this series, which are already released, thank God.  So in case you are wondering if I am suiting up and going back in again, YES….are you kidding?  Mind (I’m sure you can fill in this blank) books like this come along so rarely, I am going to jump on this train and ride it till the end.


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