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Miles Ryan’s life seemed to end the day his wife was killed in a hit-and-run accident two years ago. As deputy sheriff of New Bern, North Carolina, he not only grieves for her and worries about their young son Jonah but longs to bring the unknown driver to justice. Then Miles meets Sarah Andrews, Jonah’s second-grade teacher. A young woman recovering from a difficult divorce, Sarah moved to New Bern hoping to start over. Tentatively, Miles and Sarah reach out to each other . . . soon they are falling in love. But what neither realizes is that they are also bound together by a shocking secret, one that will force them to reexamine everything they believe in–including their love.

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Yes, I found another book by this author that had me from the beginning.  A Bend in the Road is a romance yes, but I absolutely loved the mystery of the plot and trying to figure out how this story was going to end.  It didn’t bring me to tears like some have said it would, but then I am a hard person to make cry.

Miles life was destroyed the moment his wife left for a run because she was angry at him.  When she was killed, he was left trying to figure out how to raise their son alone and be the sheriff of their small town in North Carolina and deal with the isolation and guilt.  Jonah was struggling in school, something that his mom Missy would have caught early, but it took a note from the teacher to make Miles realize he needed to focus on his son more as well as allow himself to move on in life.

Sarah was a recently divorced woman who moved back to town to be near her parents.  She was the new teacher at the school and realized that teachers were letting Jonah slide through because of pity, but that would stop.  He needed an education and she was going to explain this to Miles at their meeting.

Soon they had become a couple as she was helping Jonah and things began to look good for their future, but Miles still carried the heavy baggage of who killed his wife on the road.  Now this is where I really enjoyed the story because the person responsible was right before our eyes yet hidden in the dark.  When the truth comes out it threatens to tear Sarah and Miles apart forever.  I love this kind of turmoil and angst in a story.

I will admit I was fuming at the end because I couldn’t believe the request Miles made but in the epilogue I not only got over it quickly I admire Miles even more.  See this is what makes a great book for me, one that makes me change my opinion repeatedly and twists my emotions from page one till the end. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs more than a tearful romance.  This will keep your mind racing trying to figure out who did it and once the truth comes out, you will then be on the edge of your seat trying to find out how this will work out for Miles and Sarah.


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