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Half-human, half-dragon Mani hatched from an egg and was adopted by Allanah, a human woman who discovered him after the death of his dragon mother. He possesses abilities he’s only beginning to understand, and every night he takes the form of a blue dragon.

When Mani’s secret is revealed, he takes refuge at the wizard Mansion. There, he encounters the Animal Guard, a group of people who share his affliction. But the members of the Animal Guard are under a curse by the sorceresses, and they need Mani’s aid to break the spell and resume their human forms. Growing romantic feelings for the wolf-boy Lup convince Mani to offer his help, but Mani’s own developing powers might destroy any chance at a relationship. The world of magic is changing, and as Mani and his friends fight to stop the evil sorceresses from using the deadly North Star, they must figure out what places they will hold when the battle is over.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14tbird - sarah - tag

This story starts off with Mani being hatched from an egg and adopted by Allanah and Dena. It fast forwards into Mani’s teenage years, where we see what happens to him at night. After an accident with his friend Alex, Allanah and Dena talk to him about the option of joining an Animal Guard that is at the Mansion. Thought they would like to wait till he is out of high school. Mani decides to leave and make his own choices but things don’t go as he planned.


While I found the story interesting, it seemed very rushed. Almost like the story was just hopping from one topic to the next. Personally, I felt like the story could have been much better if it was split up into maybe two more books. Near the end I think was the worst of it, it just seemed like we are here then there than back before I could understand what happened. Though, I do think the ideas presented in the story was nice and I just think there could have been more pacing between all the ideas. And as to not spoil the book, I will say that Mani does have some developments that I really wished maybe was spread out between a group of characters rather then it all happening to him.


The characters I found were my favorite, all the old characters seemed like old friends I knew. And Mani as a character himself was one I would like to see again. But other characters like his crush Lup, didn’t stand out as strong. One thing I also wasn’t fond of was the romance between Lup and Mani. Now don’t get me wrong, I felt like it really could have worked. But Lup didn’t have much of a character and the romance didn’t feel real to me.
Overall, I found this to be a less exciting and more rushed squeal to a story than I really liked. I would still recommend it to a few people who liked the first book and want to find out what happened to some of these characters. Also, I would still like to read the third book because I want to find out what happens in the end for Mani.


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