Southern Shifters: Panther’s Mate (Southern Shifters: Kindle World Series) by Josie Walker #mf #review


Cole is the last of a rare clan of Panther shifters. Ruthlessly hunted by deadly Leopards, he’s never had a place to call home. He’s long since accepted that he will live out the rest of his days alone. His primal beast demands that he find a mate and further his species, but his logical nature realizes that can never be. His is a life of unwavering discipline and concrete rules… until the night he hears a woman screaming, and finds himself unable to resist her cry for help.

Curvy little Jessica walters is 100% human. So, when she sees her hunky rescuer shift into a massive panther, she does what any sane human being would do… RUNS FOR HER LIFE. But what if the big scary beast is the only one who can keep her safe? And what if she can’t stop her heart from falling for him?

***This Kindle Worlds story was inspired by Eliza Gayle’s Southern Shifter Series and is a novella addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

This is a great story where good versus evil, but also the internal battle of an honorable man.  His animal nature fights him to breed and pass on his nature to the next generation, yet the human mind knows the dangers of doing that.

Fate will have her say in every situation, and she has pushed for these two individuals to mate.  With all the trouble and danger coming their way, will they be strong enough as a couple to stand together or will the Panthers die out?

I found this book to move a little slow, yet it ended well for me.  It was an entertaining book, the character’s blend well together and fun to follow along with.  Overall a good story that will make you smile at the end of it.

4 stars

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