Delayed Love (Hell Hound MC Book 1) by Sandra Richmond #mf #review


This is not your starry eyed, love struck romance. There are no singing birds or riding off into the sunset. There is no happily ever after. This is the type of story that tears your heart out, stomps it into the dirt, and very slowly sews it back together. Never to be the same again.

Harley left Branchwood, Colorado, at eighteen in hopes of never returning. But at thirty-six she’s forced to return to her hometown to bury her father. Can she come back home and not be touched by the painful secrets she left behind?

Ford devoted his life to the Hell Hounds MC, even when doing so cost him the girl he loved. He survived that loss though, and put it firmly in his past. But sometimes the past comes running back into town to knock you right on your ass.

He wants the truth.

She wants to forget.

When the truth comes to light will they be able to work together and fix everything that went wrong?

***Beware this book contains sexy, dangerous bad boys*** addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

I really wanted to dive into this story and fall in love with Ford and Harley.  I mean what’s not to love right? Young love goes wrong, she runs away and comes back for a family issue, only to end up face to face with the man who crushed her heart.

Harley’s relationship with her mother was brutal from the start.  I could really empathize with her as she finally gave up on ever having a mother’s love but her daddy was the source of unconditional love and her hero till something happened to change that.  She left it all behind to go to Washington for college and decided to stay there and start a new life for herself as a nurse and working her way up in the ranks at the hospital.  She thought leaving the memories and family behind her in Colorado was the end of it, but then the dreaded call came and she needed to return home.

Ford was no stranger to abuse in his home either.  He was determined he would not grow up to be like his father, but he risked turning even worse than his dad.  The day he declared to Harley he was going to join Hell Hounds MC, he wasn’t aware of what all he was throwing away.  She had a surprise for him that day, a gift that was going to change her life for sure and she had hoped he would treasure it the same but instead he stood there as she refused to join him and walked away and out of his life.

Years later they come face to face again and no matter how much they tried to deny it, the chemistry was still there.  To be a part of his life she will have to give everything up again and start over, only this time she is battling against the history of his behavior on the day she needed him most.

I love the plot idea and I see where this could have easily been an epic book.  While I love that it was more gritty and dark versus romantic and sensual, I felt it was so rushed.  On more than one occasion I found I was sidetracked with questions that wasn’t answered instead of following along with each step of the plot.  The slangs didn’t feel correct to me, the realism was lost as it read more like the author was trying to sell me on the MC drama and not a substantive story that I could relate and engage in.  With all of this said, I would recommend this book to anyone who loves gritty, down right crude MC gangs.  This is truly a case of my preference versus the style of delivery from the author, both are valid yet sometimes they don’t mix well.


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