An Accidental Gentleman (Gentleman #2) by M.Q. Barber #mf #review @MQBarber


Fast forward never took so long . . .

Kit Runyon isn’t looking for a man to keep—she’s happy with the occasional one-night stand and no strings. Making sure her family’s electronics repair shop is profitable enough to support three generations is her main focus. But when Brian Hendricks walks into the store, one look, one word, and she knows he’s not wired like any man she’s ever met before . . .

Brian’s attracted to Kit’s strength and no-nonsense attitude, but he’s tired of the one-and-done dating scene. He’s ready to settle down with the right woman, even if that means he’ll have to play things slow and stay out of her bed to show her there’s more to love than just mind-blowing sex. But at this rate he’s liable to short all the circuits . . .addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

I found this story to be an entertaining and quick read.  The dynamics of the plot don’t follow the standard rules of someone needs to be saved or they start out being broken.  The author gave us two strong, head strong people who knew what they wanted out of life.  The challenge was who is going to change in order to make this relationship work.

Kit lives with her family, which consists of more than just her mom and dad.  She has seen the pain and mistakes of her siblings in the love department and has vowed to do one nights only.  There is no reason to give her heart away, only to have it returned in pieces or worse yet, being left broken hearted and knocked up.  When a blown tire lands her on the side of the road, the funny, charming gentleman named Brian stops to help.  Quick fantasies about a passion filled hour with him was all she could afford because he was a good guy and they don’t fit into her world.

Brian had his sex on the run while in the military.  Now as he watches his best friend Rob and his new wife Nora settle down in marital bliss and a family on the way, he wants that as well, just not the lawns that need to be mowed.  He was taken by Kit the moment she got out of the truck, sending his hormones back to seventh grade status, but he is determined to hunt her repair shop down and prove to her how good he could be for her and to her. He knew she was the one when he realized he talked about her personality and smell before her breasts.  Yes this was a sign he had grown up and was ready to settle down.

Kit knows love is a risk but will she be willing to see how the “toast pops up” and is Brian willing to wait around as she figures it out?  The banter between the two was comical and had me laughing out loud at times.  They had a chemistry that could melt the pages but it was painful at times to watch them struggle to find out if they could make this work.

I would recommend this book for any reader who wants an afternoon escape.


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