Rising From the Ashes: The Chronicles of Caymin by Caren J. Werlinger #review



Rising From the Ashes: The Chronicles of Caymin

Ancient Ireland – an era of clan wars, petty kings and invasions by raiders from the north.

As Christianity tightens its hold, magic and the old ways fight to keep their place in the hearts of the people.

Born into this world is Ash, orphaned and maimed, left to die. She is rescued by a clan of badgers and raised to be one of them. As she grows, so does her magic, until at last she comes to the attention of other humans. Some of them want to protect her; some want to use her.

When she bonds with an orphaned dragon cub, the two of them become pawns in a bid for power. Forced to flee, dragon and dragonmage embark on a quest to seek the answers as to why they were bonded and what their future holds.

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This book starts out with the story of Ash, a girl whose village was burnt down and she was saved by a group of badgers. Over the years, she was raised by the clan and lived with Cuán and Broc, the two badgers who saved her that night. She learned to gather food with them along with how to move around the woods. She can communicate with them though thoughts along with other animals in the woods. During her time with them, a old woman named Enat finds Ash. Enat is a witch and offers to take her to a place where people like her live. After some thought, she agrees to go with Enat to train her magic and leave the clan behind.


I really loved this story along with Ash as a character herself. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding her and where she came from. But the thing I love most is her trying to understand certain things from Enat that would seem like common sense. Enat is also an interesting character for me to read about. All the kids seemed to have different personalities (which is good considering in other books they tend to just be copies of other people.)
The story in itself was very interesting as well, and was surprised at certain points in a good way. The only downside I had was in some parts I got confused of who was who in the camp. But really that wasn’t too bad and I did manage to figure it out later on. I also liked the fact that no one really seemed overpowered, even Ash. Everyone had a weakness, which I find sometimes in magic stories people forget to add that. In the end, I would recommend this to anyone who likes a fantasy book set in the past and is interested by a girl learning the human culture after living in the wild for so long. Personally, I can’t wait to read the next book.


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