Canyon Creek Love Story by C.A. Blocke #mm #review @LT3Press


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Fifteen years ago Robert left Canyon Creek behind, and has made a life as a junior detective in Brooklyn. When he returns home to attend his mother’s funeral, however, circumstances make it difficult to leave again.

Stuck in the place he once tried to leave behind, helping his pregnant little sister, Robert meets Charlie, the sheriff’s son now turned sheriff. He’s kind and sweet, but also divorced with a young daughter to raise. But the more time passes, the more Robert wonders where he’s really meant to be, and if that place just might be the home he once left behind.

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I believe this is my first by this author, and I enjoyed it very much.

My only negative and I’ll get it out of the way, was how passive Robert was. To me, it just didn’t fit. He’s first a beat cop and now a Jr. Det. in Brooklyn. I’ve real life family that live and work that area, it’s no picnic.  I totally get the prejudices and can see him being past over time and again. (real life) But through out the story, the car being vandalized, the staying away from the wake, all screamed -wimp-. Until the end of the book, when he grew a set, sort of speak.

Charlie, I got. Stuck in that small town, bully of a father, did the only things he knew how. Until Robert comes back and throws his world upside down.

I like these two, watching them reevaluate the life they know, the one they want and what they can have. Together, separate.  All seemed to work.

Seeing Robert and the sister he left behind reconnect was also nice to see.

Hope that these people find it in the end.


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