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After celebrating his fifteenth birthday, Nick is eager to get his learner’s permit and begin driving. Attempting to gather the required documents, Nick finds out he does not have a birth certificate. He receives a mysterious pictograph card in his mailbox which prompts his parents to confess a life changing truth about his birth. Desperate to translate the pictographs, Nick enlists the help of a professor.

Unbeknown to Nick, Professor Elliot Shelton is intrigued by the pictographs and the potential value they hold. He puts Nick under surveillance. Once translated, the eerie truth sends Nick to Mexico where he returns to his birthplace. With the greedy professor following his every move, Nick meets Roslyn and together they uncover an unbelievable secret, involving an ancient spirit and the salvation of the world. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14tbird - sarah - tag

The story starts off with a couple named Anthony and Vanessa, who on a vacation at the beach, find a baby near the water. In the baby’s fist was a rolled up piece of paper and around it neck was a necklace. They go around trying to find the baby’s parents, but after finding no leads, they take the baby home with them. On a forged citizenship papers, his name was put down as Nacxit, which was found next to him in pebbles. Though they just call him Nick since it is easier. Then it flashes forward to Nick’s 15th birthday, and he is going to get his driver’s licences. This leads to his parent telling him the truth about his strange birth after they need to explain why he doesn’t have a birth certificate. Combine with a strange letter he received in the mail and a voice he hears in his head. Nick tries to figure out what the truth it.


I liked the story and characters a lot, Nick being one of my favorites. He just seemed to be a real kid who I could talk to in real life. Though the story, he didn’t really do anything that would be out of the character. His parents, Anthony and Vanessa, also seemed like characters one could relate to. While I might not agree with them forging papers and taking Nick with them, at least they had reasonable reasons on the decision.


One problem I did have was the dialogue, it was very formal and professional. Which in some cases is needed, but it isn’t needed when it is just Vanessa and Anthony or Nick and his friends. I also had a problem with just how many times Nick’s story is retold, but that is definitely more of a personal thing and a minor problem if any. The main thing I just didn’t like was how they talked to one another when it wasn’t a formal setting.


Overall, I liked the book and would recommend it to someone about my age and if they are into mystical mythology(ish) based story. And I honestly can’t wait to see what Nick is going do in the next story


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