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Elliot McKenzie is the king of reinvention. Five years after losing his job and his lover and almost going to prison, his self-help program, Charmed Life, is more successful than he’d ever dreamed. He thinks he’s put his sordid past firmly behind him, until he starts receiving cryptic threats . . . and realizes it might not be as over as he’d hoped.

Security expert Lennox West has been lost since a deadly skirmish in Afghanistan led to his forced retirement from the Army. His PTSD makes helping his ex raise their daughter a challenge. When his ex’s sister asks him to set her boss up with a security system, Lennox isn’t expecting anyone like Elliot McKenzie—a man who captures his attention and makes him feel relaxed for the first time since leaving the service.

But Elliott is dangerously stubborn. Even as the threats against him escalate, he refuses to involve the police, and Lennox fears that stubbornness could kill him. A battle of wills ensues that brings them closer to each other than either man expected. But if the threats turn real, they might not live long enough to get their future together.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14ruth-tag

If you like bad boys, this is definitely a book for you. It has two of them, and they’re both sexy, charming, and protective without ever losing that bad boy edge. Elliott Mackenzie is a disbarred lawyer turned Internet self-help guru, and Lenox West is a former Army Ranger who was discharged with severe PTSD after being involved in a friendly fire incident. Neither man is looking for love. Lennox is working for a home security firm, trying to navigate a relationship with his 13-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, and holding on to reality with both hands. Elliott is trying to redeem himself from the scandal that destroyed not only his former career as his relationship with his sister. As if that wasn’t enough, someone keeps leaving creepy, vaguely threatening messages for him.

When Lennox’s former sister-in-law, who is working as Elliott’s assistant, insists that Lennox install a security system for Elliott after finding out about the threats, both men’s world is turned upside down. From the moment they meet, the chemistry between the two of them is combustible, but they are both complicated man. Navigating a relationship between the two of them wouldn’t be easy on the best of days. Doing it while Elliott is planning a big event for his company and someone appears to be trying to kill him not to mention navigating around Lennox’s violent nightmares and his relationship with his daughter is a roller coaster ride to say the least.

This book kept me turning pages right to the very end. It’s rare that I can’t figure out the villain, but this one surprised me. In the midst of the mystery, the chemistry between Lennox and Elliott was intense and incredibly sexy. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I look forward to reading more from this author.


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