Tongue & Groove by Shae Connor #mm #review @shaeconnor


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Sometimes home is what two hearts make of it.

After fifteen years on the road, rock singer Saul Wilder doesn’t know if he remembers how to stay in one place. While healing from a vocal cord injury, he decides to restore the cozy but neglected Atlanta home his grandmother left him. When home renovation specialist Perry Abrams arrives to assess the job, Saul’s on board with mixing business with a little pleasure. The sex is scorching hot, but the more they learn about each other, the deeper they fall emotionally as well. Trouble is, Saul’s a traveling man and Perry’s a homebody, so finding common ground to share could put the brakes on their relationship before it has a chance to get started.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

This is a difficult book for me to review.

Did I like the story? Yes.  Did I love it? Not really.

Don’t get me wrong, Connor had a great story idea, but it just felt like it was … rushed and almost forced at times.

Both characters were really well written – I enjoyed both Perry and Saul’s characters separately, yet together they just didn’t seem to click for me personally.

There were scenes that I really enjoyed as well.  But it just felt like something was missing for me personally.

I will be sure to give this author another shot in the future, this one just didn’t work for me personally.


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