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Thanksgiving arrives in one week and one day. Feeling hemmed in by parental expectations? Are they disappointed by your sapphic proclivities? I can help! The only pay I want is the holiday meal!

I didn’t know what I was looking for until I saw her Craigslist ad.

I love my family. I’m lucky to have them—well, most of them. But my aunt? I’m so tired of her giving my mom crap because I happen to be a lesbian. So one pink-haired tattoo artist pretending to be my girlfriend will annoy my Christian fundamentalist aunt right back and make my Thanksgiving perfect.

Only . . . Brooke turns out to be cuter and more complicated than I expected. And before you can say “yorkiepoo,” we kiss . . . and abduct a dog together. I want to keep them both—but Brooke isn’t the kind to be kept. Lucky for me, I’m the kind to chase what I want. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

Okay, to be honest, when I read the first part of this blurb, I knew that I had to read the book because I just couldn’t stop laughing.  I knew a blurb that started out this way, the book had to be good.

And I wasn’t let down at all!  Brooke and Keighley were so funny together.  They were perfect for each other, but at the same time they were both so lost they had to find themselves before they could work together.

This book is told from Keighley’s POV, which was different for me because I don’t normally read a lot of first person POVs.  But for this story it really worked because we were able to really get into Keighley’s head and find out what was going on with her.

Brooke’s character was one that was very confusing even as I finished the book I was left scratching my head wondering what was her deal. Which did lead me to re-read several pages trying to see if I missed any details that were given about her.

The book was a very well-written book that I enjoyed quite  bit and I can see myself reading more from this author in the future.


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