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Finding Ms. Write


Twelve authors of lesbian fiction bring you a collection of romantic short stories about “book people”—heroines who are somehow involved in the publishing industry. From a novelist with the world’s biggest crush on her editor to a beta reader connecting with her cabinmate on a cruise, from a woman seeking rare books who finds love instead to a bookstore owner who’s drawn to the shy writer sitting by the shop’s window every day, this anthology is full of stories guaranteed to have a happy ending. Step into our world of books and enjoy a glimpse into the lives of writers who are chasing deadlines…and finding love. Includes stories by A.L. Brooks, Anastasia Vitsky, Chris Zett, Cori Kane, Elaine Burnes, Hazel Yeats, Jacelle Scott, Jae, Jove Belle, Kathy Brodland, Lea Daley, and Melissa Grace.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Blog Mama_s FlashbackTAG

Consignment by Elaine Burnes — 5 Stars

Good beginning story for this anthology!

The story line was strong and distinct, the characters were fun and entertaining which kept me wanting more.  (Owning a bookstore has always been a personal dream of mine so was happy to read about the fun side of it for a change.)

The characters are very unique which was nice and each seemed to come to life as I continued reading.

This book was a refreshing tale of love and personal battles we are go through.

Will definitely tell others to check out this author!

Books, Renovations, and a Vespa by Melissa Grace — 4 Stars

Great story with just enough humor to keep it lighthearted.

The characters are perfect and love the description of each one.

To me it correctly describes life as someone who has hired home improvement experts.  Many ups and downs.

The relationship went along as smooth as butter which I liked a lot!

Kindred Spirits by Lea Daley — 5 Stars

Loved this! Although I found myself holding back the tears, I couldn’t stop reading.

I especially loved how involved real life situations that many have gone through but few write about!

The characters are wonderful and well defined. So it was easy to keep track of who is who.

I don’t want to give away anything but I especially loved how 2 characters that in most stories would have been made minimal and kept in the background are front and center in a lot of the story – as it would be in reality.

Definitely recommend this author and can’t wait to read more from them.

Between the Lines by A.L. Brooks — 5 Stars

Simply put, what a great read this was and was totally surprised with the twist at the end!

Sometimes the background characters get lost in the story, but happily that didn’t happen in this one.

A nice smooth story line until the twist which was wonderful.

Totally will recommend this.

Romance on a Side Note by Chris Zett — 5 Stars

A totally captivating story! I literally couldn’t put it own until I found out who JS was! A wonderful surprise it was.

The only part of this story that I didn’t love was its length, and that it had to end.

Would love to read the full length novel if it exists or is ever written.

No double I will be highly recommending this book to all!

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Wrote Trip by Cori Kane — 3 Stars

A super quick read that literally covers about 4-6 hours of time.

Wasn’t really able to connect with either character, but did love the emotion behind Pat’s character – the description of the writer’s block was really well done.

Quick read, sometime to pass the time without too much thought of drama.

Orphans’ Christmas by Kathy Brodland – 4 Stars

Great Christmas theme story that showed that friends can be a great family as well.  Frankie and Edit were good characters that I was rooting for.

I really love how the story/characters were all in their 50s and 60s.  It shows that you can still find love at that age.

Vegan Delights by Hazel Yeats – 5 Stars

This started out strange for me.  I really thought the story was going to be about Kate and Carol with how they were acting.  But then Lara actually came into the story and WOW! I don’t want to give anything away but favorite book of the one’s I’ve read!

Cruise by Jacelle Scott — 4 Stars

This was a super good/sad story for me.  I had hopes that it would end one way, but it went a complete 180 of that.

Lou and Cathy were great characters that were easy to connect with in an emotional level.

Overall, good story would read again.

Sex Sells by Jae — 5 Stars

Starts out with a bang and had me going till the end.  With how the story started, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but still loved it.

Great characters, great story line and didn’t want it to end!

Faux Pas by Anastasia Vitsky – 5 Stars

Funny story – I don’t recommend reading this in the doctors waiting room because I couldn’t stop giggling.

Gia was super sweet and Ally was a trip.

Overall a great story and a perfect ending to the collection.

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