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Awakening the Alpha

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Blaze Canis is doing what he loves best. As a shooting range instructor just outside Yellowstone National Park, the former Navy SEAL sniper is still handling firearms. When Shoshone Native Logan Swift Rider walks into his target shooting class one morning, the attraction each man feels for the other is swift and magical. Since Blaze’s SEAL teammates never knew he was gay, let alone a werewolf, he’s confident his new lover need never know of his two natures.

Logan opens his heart and body to loving Blaze in the most intimate ways possible. When he learns what Blaze has hidden of himself, Logan is shattered. Although raised in both the white and Native worlds, it’s Logan’s Indian heritage that tells him he may have fallen for a witch, a skinwalker.

Can Blake convince Logan there’s no evil involved in what he is or will Logan remain convinced he’s been making love to a monster? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16A-nony-mouseTAG

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would like Awakening the Alpha. I asked to review it because I’m a sucker for books with Native American mythos in it. But the beginning totally and utterly turned me off. A whole chapter on guns and shooting. Seriously? I considered DNF’ing it after the first chapter and my mind was set on “OMG I don’t want to read this book.”

Once Blaze and Logan got past that scene and got into the actual story… It was pretty good.

Blaze is a shifter who hasn’t shifted much in over two decades. His parents were alphas and his wolf is still strong, but as a SEAL, he just didn’t have much time for it. And he liked keeping himself separate from his wolf. He works just outside of Yellowstone teaching people how to shoot. Logan is a world-famous artist, full Shoshone, and while he lives in San Diego has come up to Yellowstone to spend time with his grandfather.

Once the first chapter was over, I loved the look at Logan as he talked a bison to leave the road and of the small look into the Native American community he spent a few years in as a youth.

The story heated up with Blaze and Logan unable to stay away from one another. I liked Logan’s caution. I did not like Blaze’s assumption that just because he liked to be an exhibitionist, Logan would too. As if everyone would just because it’s one of his kinks. As I have the same kink, I can understand the excitement of it, but I don’t expect people I date to have it or believe that once they get a taste they will love it. Pfft!

The last half of the book is the part that really got me going. Once I passed the 50% mark, I couldn’t stop reading. The scene where Logan found out what Blaze is was intense and yet very quick. I felt sorry for him. I mean, “Hello! Your new boyfriend shifts into a wolf.” I’m not surprised he threw up when he got back to his car.

The ending felt abrupt. They kind of, sort of, agreed to live there because of Blaze’s new situation, but Logan still talked as though they could go anywhere they wanted except for a few days around the full moon. But there’s no way Blaze can leave for that long a time. So whether they will end up with an HEA? That’s up for discussion. But it definitely had an HFN.


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