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Learning To Love Cats

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It isn’t exactly a match made in heaven.

Mike isn’t much of an animal lover, but his sister insists every little boy needs a pet. Which is how Mike finds himself sitting in a veterinary office, trying to explain the facts of life to his six-year-old nephew while holding a dead hamster in a shoebox. It’s not one of his finer moments. So of course, that’s when he encounters the cute, shy and utterly lust-worthy Riley Laytham.

Riley isn’t used to guys flirting with him, and he definitely didn’t expect it to happen at the local vet office. In the kennels, no less, surrounded by cats and dogs and under the close scrutiny of one overly inquisitive little boy.

Their first date is a disaster. They have nothing in common, and Riley’s cats seem determined to end the budding relationship before it can get started. For some reason, though, Mike is sticking around despite cat scratches, rampant allergies, and nosy siblings. Now Riley just has to decide if he can make it work with a guy who staunchly declares that he doesn’t like cats.

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I was torn on what rating to give Learning to Love Cats. On the one hand, it was wonderfully humorous and had so much potential. On the other hand, relationships that go from A-to-Z in a manner of two dates freak me out. And yes, I’m talking about literature. Sex is quick. Love takes time. Relationships take time. And when a person tells you he loves you after two dates and insists you’re his? Sounds desperate.

And yet, I liked both characters, what little we got to know of them. Riley was kind of sweet, but he had issues with trust and we never quite found out why. That he was untrusting came up several times, but that issue was never resolved. Mike was the more desperate of the two. I will admit I liked Mike. Especially when he was dealing with the animals. Cracked me up. His line when his nephew’s hamster died to the vet receptionist made me laugh out loud. “I don’t suppose you keep spare hamsters lying around?” But he did come across as desperate. And needy. I wish we at least understood why the characters became the way they were.

Overall, I did like the story, but there were so many holes in it that I can only give it 3 stars.


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It’s a cute tale, nephew takes the book and runs with it. Not sure if that’s a positive thing or not.

We have some cute moments, the one liners, starting with the hamster.

Mike and Riley are polar opposites, one is shy one know what he wants and goes for it. One knows this is a bad idea, one doesn’t care.

Problem is both have some noisy family that gets in the way of everything from start to finish. And that family includes the cats.

Mike and Riley are sweet together. this whole book is sweet, fun, full of quick lines, make you smile, say awww, and chuckle. Down side to that, I didn’t find a whole lot of depth to anyone. We meet, we have sex, we get caught, we have a date, we move in. The end.


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