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The Heart of Falcon Ridge

Three hearts beat as one, for one. Always.

“Everything inside him ached for Claira in a way that was completely unfair to the memory of his wife.” ~ Grey McLendon

Claira Robbins technically didn’t exist until two weeks before she began teaching at Grassland Academy. Her new identity may have given her the credentials she needed for the job, but it hasn’t helped one whit to soothe her frayed nerves caused by years on the run. It also didn’t come with instructions on how to handle three ravenous cowboy brothers intent on seducing her.

Six years after losing their wife, the McLendon brothers are focused on running their family ranch, Falcon Ridge, and raising their rambunctious twin boys. They’ve never believed they could find another woman with which to share their hearts and family.

When Matt and his twin, Mason, meet their sons’ classy new teacher, hope and love aren’t the only things that spring back to life. Matt is convinced she was Heaven sent to heal their family. Mason hopes he’s right, but knows they have a bigger problem than convincing Claira to take a chance on their unconventional family; a much bigger, surly, older brother kind of problem.

After their wife died, Grey McLendon planned to live the rest of his life comfortably numb from the neck down, even if it killed him…and it just might if he can’t reconcile his guilt and desire for Claira before her treacherous past catches up with her.

Author Note: Originally published as Second Chances. Remastered and reedited with bonus content for The McLendon Family Saga Series.

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I found this series when I read The Hardest Goodbye for a review for Crystal’s Many Reviewers.  I was so drawn into this family from that book, I instantly went to see about the prior books in this series.  I grabbed this one on Amazon (free at the time so GO CHECK IT OUT) and was excited to get started on it last night.  I read till I couldn’t keep my eyes open, woke up at four am and was thinking about it and went back to the book again.  I seriously could not separate myself from Claira, Matt, Mason and Grey.

Claira, also known by another name that you will discover as you read, is running from her past and danger.  Her desire to be prepared leads her to setting up little tricks with her house so she will know if someone has been in her house, that is how terrified she is.  She meets the McLendon men when they come to pick up their sons from her class.

Now here is what you need to know about those hot men, Matt and Mason are twins, Grey is their bother and they all shared Sarah as a wife.  When she died they were left to raise their twin sons, Con and Car alone.  All of the brothers are instantly drawn to Claira, but one is having a hard time letting go of his past guilt.

Now I won’t go on with the plot because WOW are you in for an exciting time.  The suspense was intense as things began to close in around them and what I thought was going to be predictable was anything but.  The secondary characters are charming and fun, I have enjoyed every single one of the people in this family.  I laughed out loud at times and actually told my family to hush as I finished this book because there was no way I was putting it down till I found out what was going to happen.

Now I get to dive into book two because I doubt I will be ready to let go of this series any time soon.  While the sex scenes did have m/f, m/f/m, m/m/f/m they were all done with respect, taste and as a plot enhancement NOT just to sell the book.  The compassion, gentleness and love between the four was beautiful.


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    Eeeeeek! *happy dance* Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes! The McLendon men are so close to my heart and I get all gushy when I read that someone else has fallen in love with them too! Thank you for the beautiful review. 🙂

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